Peaceful Vanilla Club Wiki

The Wing’s of Light, are part of the several magical elytra on the world, and like the others, have a tale behind them. In the beginning, KingNeme, installed a plugin that would allow sleep to occur in the server, even if every single player wasn’t in their bed. The plugin worked by requiring a majority, but not all, of players online to sleep. Once the player count was hit, it instantly turned to day, and gave all sleeping players temporary buffs.  

To accomplish this, Neme required a source of sunlight that could be used to instantly summon daytime; for this he created a new world, separate from the server. From this world^1 the King drained all sunlight, locking the world in eternal darkness. Unsurprisingly, the residents of the world were not a fan of it. In secret the most expert blacksmiths^2 and weavers^3, used the last of the sunlight remaining to create a set of wing’s, that when worn, would allow access to the dark world, and slipped them into KingNeme’s bag when he was sleeping. Unsurprisingly though, KingNeme, deleted this world for storage reasons. Thus the only remanent of the world were the Wing’s which remained the bag that Neme dropped when flying^4.  

The deletion of the world, however, forced the Wing’s into a form suitable for the world they were on, which were elytra. The bag was dropped close to spawn, and buried under a mound of end stone that MarshallTV placed for unknown reasons. Later on however, the end event occurred with the mysterious pillar, and by sheer coincidence, the portal would be opened directly under the bag containing the Wing’s of Light. The bag disintegrated^5 on contact with the portal, however the wing’s passed through, and settled in an end ship. These wing’s were later discovered by SamTheFoxMan, and placed in an ender chest before he slammed headfirst into a chorus flower and died^6. 

1^Rumour goes the seed for this world was “Helios’s replacement”

2^Mostly Dwarves, though accounts vary

3^Mostly Elves, though accounts vary 

4^He farted

5^There was no block available for the bag to become when entering the end, so perhaps the term ‘voided’ would be more accurate. 

6^Don’t worry it was on purpose