You can vote the server once every 24 hours on each of the following websites.

The current reward for voting is 2 Emeralds for each vote and occasionally a DumbPot.

See all the sites you can vote PVC on here

After 50 votes you earn a "50 Votes Certificate". These can be spent at the Devoted shop at spawn for special items that can only be gained through voting.

50 votes cert.png

Sometimes, when voting, you will receive a very strange item: a DumbPot.

A DumbPot is a unique, completely randomized potion. Every DumbPot has 5 randomly applied effects, with 5 different random intensities (positive or negative!). The name is very dumb too! Have a go and see. Maybe you will be lucky enough to receive the ultimate DumbPot: one with all 5 positive effects (and possibly the dumbest name too)!


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