Peaceful Vanilla Club Wiki

Triaged is Staff++ on Peaceful Vanilla Club. He joined PVC Staff on February 2019 as a Moderator, and was later promoted to SuperMod in the Fall of 2019 until Staff was restructured in 2021.

He is the owner of Soot the Cat, made famous by the PVC Map Art and Discord emojis which depict her.


Triaged plays on Peaceful Vanilla Server utilising various skins portraying characters from the popular manga/anime series. From November 2018 to November 2020 his skin was Midoriya Izuku in his school uniform. From November 2020 through May 2021, his skin was Todoroki Shoto in his hero uniform. Currently, his skin is Toge Inumaki.

He can typically be found AFK on the server while dealing with tickets. In the months of May and October, he takes breaks from the server to attend to increased workload at his job.


Triaged has hosted the following events on PVC: