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Welcome peeps <3

The original Furnace Valley was created on 20/07/2019 by Nemo, Marshall, David and me (Maji).

Something happend and there was a 3 day rollback, the valley died. I was pretty upset about it, cuz we all worked so hard on it to make it. For me it felt like we did all the trouble for nothing!! and I couldn´t accept that. I already had a stone mine so I had enough to make like good inventory full of furnaces, i went straight to work, I bought a 32x32 claim and claimed a piece of land, I thought I was done with the valley cuz I filled up a 32x32 claim, but when david visited the valley and I told him that I used my own claim block for it, he was like; OH HELL NOOO!!, he removed my claim and gave it back to me and he put there a 64x64 claim. Ofc I had to expand it from 32x32 to 64x64, I had to make it even bigger and better so it would become a real valley.

Check out the video of The Furnace Valley 2.0:

Here are some screens form the before (32x32) and after (64x64);

Furnace valley number 2.jpg

Furnace valley number 1.jpg