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The Fabaian Insanus-Digitos Empire is a monarchy country created and led by CrazyEyeOah located in central Normountria

Zoomed in map

Union Leaders:

CrazyEyeOah and ThunderLuck32

Union Members:

HAMZAALLALI, *JaztyMania, Twi7a, PizzaLeader, *kumilionaire, *smokedream44 and *creever9396

Official language:

Although no one speaks it, our official language is Latin

zoomed out map

Capital City:

Carrota (Work in progress)

Origin of name:

Faba is Latin for bean and insanus digitos is latin for crazy fingers

Meaning of flag:

Red represents Oahs favourite colour.

Green represent Creevers favourite colour.

Line represents lines.

The globe represents the existence of the world

Our goals for the FDE:

Build our capital which will include a fortress and a substantial trading village.

Our final goals are to create a network of villages across PVC each with their own gimmick and mayors to maintain them that will be funded by a central government that gets its resources from the other villages.

Plans for Carrota:

Carrota will have a Fortress on a mountain a library a village a mall and a trading hall and a lot of carrot farms


Sky Potato

The Sky Potato is a city in the sky with a train :D. It will have a castle and a player dropper game where u have to drop and avoid the obstacles as you fall down.

The leader and founder of sky potato is Thunderluck32.

He is handsome, brave and has a cool potato robe he made.

One time a guy even said his base was pog.

Anyway the reason why it's called the sky potato is because, it was originally going to be an extension of potato town but eventually it just became it's own thing and that's when I left Potato Town and joined FDE.

We will also have cute foxes but can't figure out how to get them to the sky potato since they are all thousands of blocks away. :(

Coordinates of the sky potato:

73 -4572

The Merge Of June 2022.

CrazyEyeOah agreed on The Merge of FDE to Join Creeper Valley Union CVU in an alliance Agreement CVU banner.png