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This page is about the Emlands Atlantic. To see info on The Emlands as a whole, visit This Page.

Not to be confused with other uses of EA, such as the game company.

Emlands Atlantic from above (Source: Renex_x)


The Emlands Atlantic (abbreviated to the "EA") is a shopping centre part of the Emlands group. It consists of hundreds of plots open for shop owners to build on.

Getting to the Emlands Atlantic

The Emlands Atlantic is super easy to get to. There's two main entrances to get into the centre from the nether

Accessing the portal from Moonland

Via Moonland Hub

- Head to the Moonland Nether Hub (NEU Hub).

- Look for the basalt behind the main portals.

- Follow the path until you see the first portal (to your right)

Via the Llama Iceways

The Emlands Atlantic path on the Llama Iceways (from spawn)

- From spawn, head North from green hub (on the Emlands bypass)

- Then, continue West along the 7-wide to Moonland

- Take the off-lane to the right, about 100 blocks before Moonland.

- Continue to the stopper block, and head down the basalt stairs to the Upper Portal.


Overworld: -6247 -4122

Nether: (Approx) -750 -500

History of the EA

Timeline of Key Dates

- May 2021: HippoTheGamer and DrearPenguin propose a plan to create a large dome, just West of Moonland

- Nov 2021: DrearPenguin gives the Emlands access to the dome, after their inactivity with the project

- 1st Jan 2022: The Dome is announced on New Years' Day. The day after, the name is decided: The Emlands Atlantic

- 2nd Jan 2022: The name for the dome is decided: The Emlands Atlantic

- 7th Jan 2022: The dome's final work is completed and the first shops are being built

- 13th Jan 2022: The Emlands Atlantic opens to the public for the first time. The Casino is also announced and opened this day.

- 14th Jan 2022: The Emlands Atlantic opens its PVP arena - The first in any of the Emlands centres.

Useful Info for Shop Owners (The shop-owner's Zone)

Plots are FREE at all The Emlands' Locations.

Requesting a plot

You can request an EA shop plot by DM-ing or /mail-ing any active/online owners (*LarryTLlama or *AshPlayz7296). Before doing so, consider the following:

  • Things to ask us:
  • Pick a preferred plot (We don't mind adding you to a plot you want, bearing in mind it actually exists and isn't far from the other shops).
  • Choose which centre you would like your plot in (We handle requests from The Emlands (OG) and the EA. Therefore, don't forget to mention which centre it is!)
  • Quote any players you are sharing the plot with (so we can add you all to the claim - We won't add lots of people though)
  • Things to think about:
  • Is my shop design the right size? (We can allow for some exceptions, but be wary that we have other builds locally too. Our plots are on average 10x10 blocks in size)
  • My shop will continue to be active? (We understand that you may not be on all the time - Make it easy to stock so it doesn't become a chore)
  • Does my shop look nice? (We agree that not all of us are great builders, but we prefer that it looks somewhat nice.)
  • My shop is unique (In terms of selling items and the build itself. Having multiple of the same items for sale in the same place increases competition which isn't nice and friendly :D)
  • Things you will need:
  • A shopkeeper - These can be bought at spawn for a couple of diamonds and gold blocks
  • Some blocks to build
  • Some items to sell
  • You won't need any claims, though you can add one if you want (provided us owners are added onto it too :D )

Once you've had a think about it, we'll add you to one of 4 large claims that covers the area. You may be asked to join the Shop Owners' (and friends) discord server so we're able to contact you about any changes or things that should concern you.

Rules for Shop Owners

Any serious breaches to these rules can lead to warns/bans from all Emlands properties, including the discord.

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Be sure to add any pictures to here as you take them. Thank you!


Particuarly for the History section:

  1. Llama Iceways map sourced from their Online Map
  2. The PVC Discord, for most images/info prior to the Emlands recieving access to the dome
  3. The Emlands discord for other info

This is the end of the Emlands Atlantic page. Now go get selling! :)