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The Court of Fools was an union created by MantacidTech for the purpose of turning convention on its head to bring positive change to the server. The name pays homage to the court jesters of the dark ages, who would act as a dissenting opinion amidst the king’s yes-men. By disagreeing with the majority opinion, these jesters were able to bring to light new and creative ways of thinking about things. This union aimed to fill the same role in the PVC Community by solving server issues and working with the community.

Each member spearhead a community project for the server (or at least has planned to), in an effort to make the server an even more enjoyable place for others.

The Court of Fools recognized that its members have lives outside PVC, and as such respected the fact that any of its members may not be as active as other people on the server.

The Court of Fools was working on their Union-wide Castle Mega-base at 70, -2460, along with a merchant’s town called Foolsport to the west.

If you need to contact the COF, you can message a member in game, send a message over the PVC discord, or leave a comment on this wiki page, as MantacidTech checks it often.



  • Construct a Central base (In Progress)
  • Create Farms:
    • Iron (Complete)
    • Gold (Complete)
    • Various other farms (Always in progress)
  • Community outreach.
  • Create the town of Foolsport in the area surrounding the castle. The town will hide the various farms of the union, have shops to sell excess resources, and will soon have areas for new players to stay. Foolsport will primarily cater to the newer playerbase, allowing them access to materials they wouldnt have otherwise. (taking a break from this.)

Member Community Projects

Each member wanted to give back to the community in some way or another. Usually this was done through Community Projects. Given that many fools have other things going on, some projects have been delayed to avoid spreading its members too thin, and others have been slightly downscaled.

  • TheDuckButler:
    • Postal Service (Status: On Hold):
      • Aims to deliver goods to players further from spawn.
    • Creating a mini game in Foolsport (Status: Active)
  • MysT_Craft:
    • To be determined.
  • MantacidTech:
    • Lag Busting Committee (Status: Partial Implementation, just ask if you want help.)
      • Advises owners of large contraptions on how to decrease lag caused by said contraptions.
    • COF&CO (Status: Fully Implemented)
      • A new initiative to better reach out to the broader community.
    • Piglin Bartering Hall (Status: On Hold until I can get a straight answer regarding mob despawning changes)
      • Will provide feasible way to barter with piglins on a massive scale. This piglin bartering hall will be the first of it's kind, both on PVC, and in Minecraft.
  • BlancButler:
    • Restoration of an old village. (Status: in progress)
      • Aims to restore and redesign a old village.
    • Flower and decoration shop at Foolsport (status: sorting out things)
  • Rubtub12:
    • To be Determined
    • Mysterious Tower at Foolsport (Status: Open)
  • MintTea2:
    • To be Determined.
  • ToasterPickle38:
    • To be Determined.
  • VoidOnyx:
    • History Museum (Status: on hold):
      • Will display and collect artifacts from server history.
    • Foolsport residential district (Status: not yet implemented):
      • Serves as a public town. More details as they come up.
  • Sister_Nile:
    • Restoration of abandoned structures, and terraforming of damaged terrain. (Status: Yet to be implemented)
  • KingToast111:
    • Construction of rest stops around the map for new players to set their spawns, get food, and take shelter. (Status: under management transfer.)
    • Sandstone & Stuff shop at Foolsport (Status: Open)
  • HeadsEmpty:
    • New player outreach Program (Status: in progress)
      • Aims to recruit more experienced players to take new players under thier wing.
      • Will assist KingToast111 with the rest stops, linking them up with nether safe houses.
  • Chief_Volts:
    • To Be Determined.
  • ChubaChubs:
    • Service based in Foolsport that will allow new players to participate in the economy sooner. (Status: In the process of being implemented)
  • Eclipse
    • Plans on Building the millennium falcon (status: on hold)
      • Plans on making a massive millennium flacon with _Poke_ and *ImmaHoodieGirl
    • Helping Set up the museum for Voidonyx
  • Cornstarch:
    • Assisting ChubaChubs with the Profit shop.
    • Casino (Status: In progress)
  • Sensei:
    • TBD


Foolsport was the merchant district West of the COF base, where the Union’s excess resources are sold. The goal of Foolsport comes in two parts: to help the union be able to fund community projects, and to provide old and new players alike access to the resources they need to implement their ideas. The Court of Fools believed that the means to creative expression should not be gated by wealth or seniority.

The Fools were also looking to start a residential district in Foolsport, for those players who want to be a part of the COF community. the COF has not begun on this project yet, but was planning to do so soon.

Foolsport shops:

Currently, Foolsport doesn’t have many shops. But that will change soon. Listed below are the shops that are currently either opened or under construction.

  • Slime Shop (Union-Owned)
  • Toast’s Balloon Shop (Owned by COF)
  • Infernal Imports (Owned by BlancButler)
  • Disc Stall (Owned by MantacidTech, who often donates the profits to the union.)
  • The Mysterious Tower (Owned by Rubtub12)
  • Unnamed market stalls (They're just there, for now at least.)
  • the Delver's Den (Coming in 1.17)
  • The Profit Shop (Union-Owned, but provides emeralds instead of wares.)
  • Sunken Stuff (Union-Owned.)

COF Museum / Historical Preservation

The Court of Fools looked to improve the server in many ways. While many of these projects included cleanups and time consuming construction work, we as a union also worked on preserving the history of the server! By collecting items with historical significance and keeping them safe, we used these items to teach and inform other players about the servers past, as well as to hopefully allow them to see how amazing this server really is. We were always accepting donations of rare or historical items. If you would like to take a tour of the museum you can always contact A member for a tour.

Note: this project has been postponed. Will update as information is received.

Admission of New Members

Admission Process

The Court of Fools may have seemed to be very selective in their admission process, but this was only because they were being very deliberate. The Court of Fools believed that everyone has what it takes to be a Fool (a term used to refer to COF members), and tried to get to know new applicants better during the admission process. MantacidTech often personally invited Potential Fools to the castle to do so.


The two main reasons most applicants had for wanting to join the Court of Fools were the sense of community among the Fools and the initiatives to improve the server community. To facilitate these crucial aspects of the COF, MantacidTech started work on a new initiative: COF&CO. With this in place, people didn't need to officially join the COF to make a lasting change. The broader community would easily be able to reach out to any Fool if they have a project idea or want to help with a preexisting project. This organization would function similarly to a union, as it would give others a chance to be a part of the community-driven change the COF is known for, without restricting the Participants to one particular union, hopefully increasing inter-union cooperation.

Union Wide Accomplishments

What Does COF Accomplish?

COF had many plans that all worked to better the server in any way we see fit! From small to large this is a list of our achievements as a union so far!

  • Lasting this long when I still feel like I barely know what I’m doing -MantacidTech
  • Built a giant castle
  • Flooded the nether spawn region with water, with the help of many other players, in the event known as The Flooding
  • Extended diplomatic relations to our neighbors in the North, SecificTimesT and Batohli.
  • Managed to (more or less) fit 20 Chairs on a single larger chair.
  • Created a small network of rest stops for new players to utilize when traveling.
  • And much more, Coming soon!

Fun Facts

  • While the castle has a throne, no one sits on it. Each member makes a chair and stacks it on top of the throne. It started as a fun gag, but over time became a tradition among the members of the COF, reminding the members that no one member holds anymore sway than another. Likewise, the castle base is a throwback to the time period that the original Court Jesters were present.
  • Anyone with a community project idea can DM a Fool, who — with the help of the other members of COF — will help you develop and implement the idea!
  • MantacidTech Drew the COF logo, and Rylact made it into mapart at the request of PhoenixJoe69.
  • MintEllalala decorates the castles for the holidays, a tradition that started in October 2020.
  • Anything that Voidonyx does is not a reflection of union attitudes, especially when those things result in Death. :-)
  • Following the Changes made to server rules regarding union leadership requirements, The COF has made MantacidTech and BlancButler the Leader and Coleader. these titles end up not meaning much, however, since the union is democratically run anyway.

    MintEllalala’s Decorations for December 2020. It should be noted that the snowman’s nose got progressively longer until Christmas, at which point it stopped just 1 block short of the castle.