Court of Fools Logo

Union Overview:

The Court of Fools is a union created by MantacidTech, created for the purpose of turning convention on its head to bring positive change to the server. The name pays homage to the court jesters of the dark ages, who would act as a dissenting opinion amidst the king’s yes-men. by disagreeing with the majority opinion, these jesters were able to bring to light new and creative ways of thinking about things. This new union aims to fill the same role in the PVC Community.

Each member spearheads a community project for the server (or at least has plans to), in an effort to make the server an even more enjoyable place for others.

The Court of Fools recognizes that its members have lives outside PVC, and as such respects the fact that any of its members may not be as active as other people on the server.

The Court of Fools is currently working on their Union-wide Castle Megabase at 70, -2460.

Noteable Members:

  • Founding Members:
    • MantacidTech
    • Rubtub12
    • BlancButler
    • MintTea
  • Additional members:
    • Mintbellalala
    • TheDuckButler
    • MysT_Craft
    • ToasterPickle38
    • VoidOnyx
  • Former Members:
    • Redd_Youtube


  • Construct a Central base
  • Create Farms:
    • Iron (In progress)
    • Gold
    • XP
  • Recruit new members
  • Create the town of Foolsport in the area surrounding the castle. The town will hide the various farms of the union, and have shops to sell excess resources.

Member Projects

Each member is encouraged to give back to the community in some way or another. Usually this is done through Community Projects. Given that the union is just starting out, some projects have been delayed to avoid spreading its members too thin.

  • MintBellalala:
    • Nether Cleanup
      • aims to make the nether more organized, aesthetic, and traversable.
    • Animal Shelter
      • Lets players adopt a dog that belonged to a banned player.
      • Also offers other pets tameable by prospective owner.
  • TheDuckButler:
    • Postal Service:
      • Aims to deliver goods to players further from spawn.
  • MysT_Craft:
    • To be determined.
  • MantacidTech:
    • Lag Busting Committee (Yet to be implemented.)
      • Advises owners of large contraptions on how to decrease lag caused by said contraptions.
  • BlancButler:
    • Restoration of an old village.
  • Rubtub12:
    • To be Determined
  • MintTea2:
    • To be Determined.
  • ToasterPickle38:
    • To be Determined.
  • Redd_YouTube:
    • Community Mob grinder, Hotel & Real Estate agency.
  • VoidOnyx:
    • T.B.D.
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