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Finally, The Builder House is open!

Made by HippoTheGamer, and being stocked by NormalSquare73, the Builder House is an awesome shop, where we grow as sales grow; the more you buy, the more you get!

The name of the main structure is The Builder House, the whole area has the name of Hippo's storage: Artemis

We also have a large area for people's shops, if they want one they just need to /msg or DM HippoTheGamer, The area will be claimed and set up for you to place whatever you want!


Overworld Coordinates: 5387 -149

Nether Coordinates: 673 -15

From the nether, go to yellow hub on the upper tunnel on the centre with basalt, then take the llama iceway and stop at the area with a yellow border; go to the portal behind the one you see at first.

Items for sale now:

Updated 28th Oct 2021

(All the prices are for 1 stack of each product)

Builder House merch

  • Sandstone for 1 embs
  • Sand for 4 emeralds
  • Gravel for 4 emeralds
  • Blackstone for 7 emeralds
  • Basalt for 7 emeralds
  • Soulsand for 5 emeralds
  • Andesite-Granite-Diorite for 3 emeralds
  • Stone for 3 emeralds
  • Dirt for 2 emeralds
  • Cobblestome for 2 emeralds
  • Stonebricks for 3 emeralds
  • Smoothstone for 6 emeralds
  • Crying obsidian for 4 embs
  • Prismarine for 2 embs
  • Prismarine bricks for 4 embs
  • Terracotta for 3 embs
  • Ender pearl 3 emeralds
  • Cooked cod 1 emerald

Tree house merch

  • Sugar cane 4 emeralds
  • Pumpkin 4 emeralds
  • Vines 8 embs
  • Kelp Block 2 embs
  • Quartz 8 embs
  • Quartz Block 16 embs
  • Leather 13 emeralds for 16

We also do some "Deals of the day" occasionally. Such as a shulker shell for only 7 diamonds.

NOTE: Prices are subject to change!

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