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Minecraft has various settings and levels of difficulty, and PVC utilizes these very effectively in order to enhance the game experience and provide a challenge to players, no matter their skill level. This page is intended to provide insight and be a guide to anyone who wanders into PVC's largest hard survival area- The Betalands. For a more in-depth and official look at the difficulty levels in the game as a whole, take a look at the Minecraft Wiki's Difficulties Page.

What are the Betalands?

The betalands region as seen on the Dynmap.

The betalands region as seen on the Dynmap.

The Betalands are a region of the world in PVC that lie outside the Farlands. They contain very diverse biomes with one exception- there is no ocean.

This is not to say there is no water-far from it, as the betalands features a network of lakes and rivers that permeate its terrain, along with waterfalls springing from the shattered surface of the farlands.

For more info on who lives here and what interesting places have thus far been built, check out the maps page!

What's different here?

The warning given when entering the betalands.

The warning given when entering the betalands.

Hard Mode

A player can’t mistake the moment they’ve entered the betalands- a message will pop up across the middle of the screen, warning that they’ve entered a hard survival area. But what does this mean? In short, it’s telling you that the region is set to Minecraft’s ‘Hard’ difficulty setting, which makes sense for the changes to the game that happen here:

  • Mobs spawn more frequently and are more powerful, dealing more damage and taking less when hit
  • Zombies have a chance to break wooden doors, and spiders may spawn with buffing effects such as speed, strength, etc.
  • Players may die from hunger, and it depletes more quickly; this makes regaining health also take more food and more time
  • Villagers killed by zombies will always turn into zombie villagers

PVC’s Hard Survival Experience

Alongside the more typical and expected differences that come from Hard Mode, the world of PVC has a few special challenges in store for anyone seeking to venture beyond civilization to find their fortune. These changes to how the game works really do present a conundrum for any player unfamiliar with survival mode and how best to keep their head! They include, but are not limited to:

  • Players can’t run, even when hunger is satiated
  • Bonemeal works for crops and trees, but not flowers
  • Diamond armor and tools break faster than iron equipment
  • No artificial, player-made lights are permanent. This includes torches, jack o’lanterns, lanterns, etc.

The biggest obstacle any betalands wanderer will face is the darkness- natural light sources such as lava and sea pickles (and possibly shroomlight) are your only options. Lava in particular is a dangerous choice, but is by far the most readily available way to light any area players wish to keep safe from mob spawning. There are many, many ways to use lava- some are pretty, others not; it all depends on available resources and personal preference. Some of the lighting setups used by the player Scaliedog are detailed below with images from her base. These configurations are made in bedrock edition.

Scaliedog began the majority of these builds with no prior knowledge of how lava works, but other intrepid explorers need not make it difficult on themselves. Visit the Minecraft Wiki’s page for flow maps and other mechanics of using lava!

Take note that use of lava for lavacasting is banned in PVC, so be sure nothing you're doing to light your base can accidentally make that happen! Another thing to remember is that lava is automatically set to not flow on claimed blocks. If you set it on the ground or another block of a claim, it will not spread unless you enable it with a command in the chat: '/ps flag lava-flow allow'. This must be done separately for each claim you wish lava to flow on. Another option is to build your lighting flows before you place a claim block.

So why go here?

Emeralds and other ores are easy to find in the betalands. Plan a visit sometime!

Emeralds and other ores are easy to find in the betalands. Plan a visit sometime!

There are two entrancing benefits to braving the betalands: riches and land. Ores and minerals of all kinds spawn more frequently and often in larger veins than in other regions of the world. There are also very few players who make their homes in this dangerous territory, so land and resources are found in abundance. This makes it a great place for anyone who likes to live far from neighbors with noisy ranch animals and redstone contraptions. If you wish to make a visit to this wild place, you are bound to find interesting places untouched by other players, with beautiful views and lots of resources!

Perhaps the most compelling example of the enhanced ore generation found in the betalands.

Perhaps the most compelling example of the enhanced ore generation found in the betalands.