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Town Centre

Sunset Bay is a coastal town nestled between two seas in the north-eastern quadrunt of the PVC map. The main town portal is located in the very centre of town at 3418 -2336 and at 420 -290 on the Nether side.

Known for its many sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, colorful architecture, the Sunset Bay Mall shopping mecca, and especially its friendly citizens, Sunset Bay is a renowned tourist destination, and and has attracted a wave of vacation house owners.

The town can be easily visited by rail from the Yellow Hub or through one of the many iceways that lead here.


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The first settlers of Sunset Bay were pirates. They built the Old Harbor and their ship S.S. Genio is anchored there to this day. The pirates turned to merchantry and made SB into an important trade hub in the medieval times. To read the complete lore you will have to track down a book in-game that tells the full story.

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During the first Industrial Revolution the townsfolk had the good foresight to build the industrial zone on the far outskirts of town in order to keep the pollution away and keep the town clean.

It is unclear what happened to Sunset Bay in the 20th century but the town was completely abandoned. And that's how it was discovered by Lazy_McSlacker in late August of 2020.

She loved the landscape, the long beaches and proximity to the ocean on two sides, so she founded Sunset Bay as we know it today. It started as a humble village as she was joined by JoeMcNorthman, Fabi_Lw, DanielGeorgeDG and Penny_Is_Wise. This group built the Town Hall, The Greenhouse, Circus and restored Old Harbor. Lazy was eventually elected Mayor, a position she still hold today.

Many residents have come and gone, but those who stuck around keep the town going, constantly developing new areas and improving old ones, always striving to make Sunset Bay one of PVC's staple locations.

Points of Interest

Town Hall

Located smack-dab in the heart of town right in front of the main portal is Sunset Bay Town Hall. With its blue accents and aquarium floor it gives an ode to the town's close relationship with the sea.

On the ground floor there is a public kitchen on the left where citizens and visitors alike are free to take a snack. On the left is ''The Selfless Shop'', a charity shop ran by SB citizens donating their excess items for new players and those in need. You are free to take any item found in chests and barrels there, or use dirt from the dirt chest to ''buy'' items from Shopkeeper Bob.

Across from the entrance, as you come up the stairs, you can see the town map featuring every point of interest and private property.

Upstairs on the left you can see the humble beginnings of the GCU union with their first office, and on the right you'll find the conference room for Town Council meetings.

Old Harbor

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Pay a visit to Sunset Bay's historic harbor on the town's south side, built by the very first settlers - Blackbeard and his pirate crew. Go aboard the S.S. Genio and explore their ship. And who knows, there might still be hidden pirate treasure!

New Harbor

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On the north side is Sunset Bay's New Harbor, an affluent area under development that will serve as a tourist hotspot. It consists of the stunning Riviera, lighthouse and the town's state-of-the-art modern shopping experience, the Sunset Bay Mall. Keep an eye out and watch as the area transforms even more in the future!

SB Circus

Behold the main attraction, the star of the show - Houdini the Floating Villager!

Alien Invasion Theme Park

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Beware: players with lower end devices, particularly on mobile, will experince lag here

Explore the pocket of Sunset Bay invaded by aliens and observe their builds - they are truly out of this world! Don't worry, even with all their advanced tech, these aliens are perfectly friendly and happy to see visitors.

GCU Headquarters


GCU is to Sunset Bay what the Yankees are to New York. No one would call New York ''The Yankees' Town'', therefore for those still calling Sunset Bay ''The GCU Town'' that is incorrect. GCU was founded mostly by SB residents and therefore the town was chosen as the location for the HQ simply for convenience. While GCU are happy about their location, they have little to do with town affairs and their event operations span across the whole PVC map.

For more info, visit the GCU HQ page.

The Lazy Ranch

This is the perfect spot for animal lovers and those interested in getting a pet.

For more info, visit The Lazy Ranch page.

Hippo's vacation home

Near the old harbor there is a base with a red dome, that's Hippo's vacation base where you can find a 16x16 map of the old world (before betalands came out) that you can use for whatever you want.


This table shows all currently active property owners inside Sunset Bay.
Full-time Residents AnthonyKapral20, Bambo_MC, Draken250, Ellybeean, *Eyeslul, Fabi_Lw, Flynn,*forestman000, KonekoJade/*PlayerAnimates, Lazy_McSlacker, Loorin, MrSaylor95, SoberSquid, *SurrealFlynn, *GhastCraft1031
Vacation Property Owners HippoTheGamer, *LarryTLlama, sonoungenio905, *teleportxcraft, *TTVZanjii