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The PVC Spleef Arena

The 3v3 Spleef Snowdown is a team-based Spleef Tournament hosted on the PVC Server in July 2021, hosted by Triaged. The event takes place in PVC's Spleef Arena, and celebrates the recent overhaul of functionality in the arena programmed by David, one of the server's owners.

The winning team of the event each will receive a limited edition Snowdown Champion trophy shovel, among other event prizes. All participants will walk away with some prizes.


Spleef (a portmandeau of splat and grief) is a common Minecraft minigame which takes place in an arena made out of three layers of snow. The goal of the event is to destroy the snow blocks beneath opponents, to cause them to fall down. Participants are eliminated when they reach the bottom of the arena, with the last player standing winning. You can read more about Spleef on the Minecraft Wikia, here.

Participating Teams

Standings Table
Ranking Team Name Captain Players & Substitutes
- Team Last Minute Timmy5000 Clayy, Mimmeke
- Pink Panthers HippotheGamer *TotaLegend8996, Sonoungenio
- BruhXD Nick_Named *AgedNestKarl615, *Lintangjatima
- The Cold Shoulders justaladder *g0thp0p, Saelig
- The Fellas Cornstarch7 StarkU2, *Peam2000

Sub: *Wertycnf

5th-7th Sploofers NormalSquare73 *Drearpenguin603, *Thebenbry

Sub: *SilverSiren7470

5th-7th The Ice Diamonds *ImJustNiek *Idk_how_I2950, AwesomeMindBoy

Subs: *SilverSiren7470, Senseimasterman9

Tournament Schedule and Results

Quarter finals Semi finals Final
Sunday @ 19:30        
 Team Last Minute  0
 The Cold Shoulders  0  
 BruhXD  0
Friday @ 21:00    
 The Ice Diamonds  0
 The Fellas  2  
 The Fellas  0 Third place
Friday @ 20:00
     Pink Panthers  0    
 Pink Panthers  2
 Sploofers  0  

Please note that in the Quarter Finals, there was a 3-way battle between Team Last Minute, The Cold Shoulders, and BruhXD. Each team scoring 2 points advanced to the semifinals in this round.

Event Rules

The ruleset for this event is very detailed, to ensure the highest level of competition. Please read all of the rules carefully before entering to compete.

Team Formation

Each team will consist of (up to) three players. Each team must nominate one of their players to be the team captain. Each team must determine their own Team Name (up to 16 characters long) and choose a colour to represent themselves.

Teams will be provided coloured uniforms issued in their respective colour to wear during the games, to make enemies easily distinguishable. In the event that two teams are competing with similar colours, one team will randomly be selected to wear a different uniform colour for that match.

Competitive Bracket

Following the conclusion of the registration phase, teams will randomly be inserted into an elimination tournament bracket. Teams which win their matchup will advance into the next round. Teams that lose their matchup are eliminated from the competition.

The winning teams from the Semi-finals will advance into the Finals. The losing teams from the Semi-finals will face off in the 3rd Place Match to determine who takes third place.


Each matchup in the bracket will consist of multiple games. Normal matchups will consist of up to three games, with the first team winning two games advancing to the next round. The 3rd Place Match and Finals will consist of up to five games, with the first team winning three games taking victory.

While competing, teams must wear the provided coloured uniforms and use unenchanted iron shoves. Food is permitted in the arena, except chorusfruit. The usage of any other items is expressly prohibited.

PVC's Spleef Arena consists of three layers of snow. During gameplay, the first layer of snow will despawn after two minutes. After that, the second layer of snow will despawn after an additional two minutes.

Players are eliminated when they fall into the water at the bottom of the arena, but they can continue to attack the bottom layer of snow. The last player standing's team will win that match.

Scheduling, Substitutions, and Disqualification

Matches will take place typically on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays between 6pm and 10pm Central European Time. Each matchup's assigned time will be announced by PVC Staff following the conclusion of the registration phase, depending on how many teams have signed up for the tournament.

Teams can collaborate with PVC Staff to reschedule their matches within a reasonable timeframe. However, if no agreement can be reached between the captains and PVC Staff, the match will move forward at the originally scheduled time.

To ensure fairness, players who have three-or-less bars of ping at the start of each matchup are considered not eligible to participate in gameplay. Users suspected of using a hacked client or other tools/plugins to gain an unfair advantage will be disqualified at the discretion of PVC Staff.

In the event that a player is unable to compete in a match for any reason, teams can do the following:

  1. Find a Substitute: Any PVC user can join the team as a subsitute player. The will not be awarded additional prizes, so it is the team's responsibility to determine how to divide prizing equally amongst the team with a substitute.
  2. Compete As-Is: The team can decide to play as-is, with fewer number of players. This may result in uneven matchups (ie, 3v2 or 3v1), but it may be better than...
  3. Forfeit - The team forfeits the round. This option is automatically selected after 10 minutes of gameplay delay.


Snowdown shovel lore text.png

Prizes will be determined based on the number of teams who have entered. A minimum of 5 event coins per matchup will be awarded to each contestant. Additional awards of diamond blocks will be awarded to the top three teams, with the winning team receiving a limited edition Snowdown Champion 2021 Golden Shovel.

Placement Prize (per Player)
5-7th Place 8 Event Coins
4th Place 16 Event Coins
3rd Place 20 Event Coins

2 Diamond Blocks

2nd Place 24 Event Coins

4 Diamond Blocks

1st Place 32 Event Coins

8 Diamond Blocks

Snowdown Champion 2021 Golden Shovel (Eff V, Unbreaking V, Mending)