Peaceful Vanilla Club Wiki

When you enter our world for the first time you will be inside of a small area at spawn. Read the signs and the books you received and you will know what to do to get out of there.

When you have been around for a while you might want to come back to spawn to explore the place and maybe use some of the official spawn shops. There are a lot of Easter eggs to discover around spawn.


Spawn dynmap.png

Spawn map final.png


Nether Portal

Spawn nether portal.png

-12, 81, 0

The nether portal connects spawn to the nether. Through the portal is the nether hub, which includes the nether shop and the Cobbletown portal.

Hyperloop Station

28, 68, 35

The hyperloop station allows players to enter the hyperloop. Entrance to the hyperloop costs one emerald, and boats can be bought here for an emerald each. Alternatively, the /boat command can be used.

Player Market

Player market.png

-77, 66, 63

At the player market there are many stalls that players can rent out to create shops. They cost 40-50 emeralds per 7 days.

Mayor's Tower

Mayor's tower.png

-114, 68, 100

The Mayor’s Tower is the place to drop your suggestions for improvements for the server. Book and quills can be bought for one emerald each, where you can write your suggestion and drop it into the hopper in the tower.

Old PVP Arena

Old pvp arena.png

-111, 72, 58

This is the original PVP arena. Another was built by the Red Eye Union, which is the current one. The old PVP arena can still be used for PVP; keep inventory is on so you won’t lose items upon death.


Suburb wo labels.png

Redditshop (RedditMaster)

-160, 70, 70

At the Redditshop, Redditor’s Shrooms, gained by producing content for the PVC Reddit, can be exchanged for gold and enchanted books.

Youtubeshop (YouTubeMaster)

-160, 70, 75

At the Youtubeshop, YouTuber’s Apples, gained by producing YouTube videos, can be exchanged for iron and enchanted books.

Spawn Shops

Spawn shops up top.png

-167, 118, 106

This is where the claim shop, the villager egg shop and the Devoted shop for voting rewards are.

Event Hub

-180, 108, 100

The hub for various events, such as the Legion Raid event. It also contains the Event Shop.

Admin Shops

160, 67, 160

Admin shops have an infinite supply of items and emeralds as they are owned by admins.


Spawn bank.png

-118, 66, 160

This is the spawn bank. Here you can convert emeralds into emeracoins and vice versa. Nepero, superemeralds, and Red Eye Coins can also be bought here.


97, 63, 160

At the Wikishop, Writer’s Quills, gained by working on the wiki, can be exchanged for emeralds and enchanted books.

Mysterious Pillar

The mysterious pillar.png

50, 69, 165

Built for an event long past, the mysterious pillar remains just that - mysterious.

Other Places

Announcement Board

-122, 73, 133

You can use the signs on the board to advertise or announce things.

Ban Graveyard

-102, 87, 128

The names of banned players are listed on the graves in this graveyard.

Party House

-145, 74, 84

The location of several player parties.


-179, 77, 64

The parkour at spawn remains unbeaten. No one has yet reached the end.