As you play on the Peaceful Vanilla Club server, you will earn Server Ranks based upon your amount of active playtime. Some ranks are also achieved from winning an event or donating to the server. Server Ranks determine a number of permissions levels for users, as outlined below. 


These ranks are gained simply by playing on PVC. To check your playtime, use the /playtime command. Playtime does not include AFK time as PVC uses an advanced anti-AFK detection system to prevent the use of AFK machines, etc.

Rank Playtime Requirement
Noob 0 Minutes
Joined 30 Minutes
Member 1 Day
Senior 4 Days
Baron 9 Days


14 Days
Lord 22 Days
Sage 35 Days

When you reach the Joined rank, you are given a coal claim block and gain access to the /msg and /r commands.

Other Player Ranks

There are some ranks that can't be gained by playtime, and instead have other requirements.

Rank Requirement
Donor Donate more than 5€

Claim Blocks

As your rank increases, so too does the amount of claim blocks you can use, and the number of non-adjacent claims you can have.


Lapis (10x)

Coal (32x)





Non-adjacent claims
Noob 1 0 0 0 3
Joined 2 6 0 0 3
Member 6 10 3 0 3
Senior 15 20 10 0 4
Baron 20 25 15 0 5
Duke 25 30 25 1 6
Lord 28 35 28 2 12
Sage 30 40 30 4 12
Donor 25 30 25 1 12


Players can set up their own shops using shopkeepers. The maximum number of shopkeepers you can have is limited by your ranks.

Rank Number of Shopkeepers
Noob 0
Joined 0
Member 5
Senior 9
Baron 10
Duke 11
Lord 12
Sage 15

Staff Ranks

Staff Ranks.png

These ranks are held by staff members. Staff are chosen by MarshallTV, KingNeme and zDavidMeson. Don’t ask to become a staff member as you cannot become one just by asking.

Rank Additional Abilities Users
  • Block placement/destruction and chest
    transaction history
  • Teleport to/from players by request
  • soapyrose
  • sounoungenio94
  • Nyxaea
Super Mod
  • All mod abilities
  • Teleport to/from players without request
  • Grief rollback
  • Inventory rollback
  • Triaged
  • Raynebowe
  • Golden
  • 4djectives

No longer in use

  • No restrictions, all commands.

Original (or current) owner or founder of the server.

  • zDavidMeson
  • MarshallTV
  • Tags

A player with a tag.png

Some players will have a tag before their name. These tags are given manually by admins and have several different meanings and ways to earn them.

Tag Meaning How to get it
[A] Artist Post some of your art on the PVC discord
[C] Community Project Contribute to the building of a community project
[R] Reddit Own the Reddit or be a Reddit Mod
[R.E.U.] Red Eye Union Be a member of the Red Eye Union
«Veteran» Veteran Join the server in June/July 2019
[W] Wiki Writer Win the Wiki Writing event or redeem 128

Writers' Quills

[B] Builder Build something commissioned by an admin or build something for official server things
[Pioneer] Pioneer Be the first Bedrock player to have joined the server. This rank is held by one player only.

Event Tags

Sometimes players will get a temporary tag for an event.

Tag Meaning How to get it
[End-Event] Helped build the End Event of October 2019 Help build and furnish the inside of the myserious pillar.
[LR-I] Legion Raid I Get a ticket for the Legion Raid event
[C-Event] Community Event Build an event run by and for the community
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