Peaceful Vanilla Club Wiki

πŸ’¬ Utility commands

  • Manage your pets with /sm. They are claimed and protected when tamed.
  • Leave spawn area with /rtp or /rtp [player name, north, south, ...]
  • Leave spawn area without getting randomly teleporting using /gotospawn
  • Stuck inside a claim? Do /unstuck or /rocket
  • See last login of a player using /seen [player]
  • A player is annoying you? /ignore
  • Want to report a player? /report [player]
  • Additional security for your account: /pin
  • Sit anywhere using /sit
  • Use your cosmetic items with /cosmetics
  • Buy decorative heads using /heads, as told before
  • Tell the others you are AFK using /afk (if you don't do it, it will happen automatically)
  • Use /afkfarm when you go AFK near a medium-sized redstone machine (read the in-depth rules)
  • Use /afkmegafarm when you go AFK near a mega-sized redstone machine (read the in-depth rules)
  • Use /tour to do a tour of the best places on the server!
  • Use /unions for more info on Unions
  • Use /event to see the next upcoming event
  • Answer to quizzes in chat writing ? before your message
  • Verify your Discord account writing /discord link
  • See your death chests with /deathchests (click on [Unlock] to unlock your chest)
  • Donor only: use /hat to set a block or item as your hat
  • Donor only: use /sort to toggle automatic chest sorting
  • Donor only: use /isort or /isort toggle to sort or toggle automatic sorting of your inventory
  • Donor only: use /autotool to toggle automatic tool switching (uses automatically the best tool)
  • Donor only: use /autorefill to toggle automatic hotbar refilling

πŸ’¬ Claiming and protecting your land

Protect your land claiming it. To claim you need at least 30 min of /playtime (Related to playtime: see Ranks). Read the Claiming Guide to learn how to claim. We use the simplest system ever made: Protection Stones.

πŸ’¬ Transportation, no teleportation

Use Railways and Iceways to explore the map! There are no /tp or /warp. To us, teleporting is like cheating. (See: Peaceful Vanilla Club Ethics and Ideals). Vanilla Minecraft offers so many possibilities for transportation! Take it easy. Find stations and locations with the realtime web map:

πŸ’¬ Players shops, your shop

Start your own shop with a villager egg: Buy one at the spawn. Then follow the instructions. Or visit other players' stores! You can see the most important ones in the Dynmap or here on the Wiki.

πŸ’¬ Decorations & Heads

Let's face it, on vanilla Minecraft there are too few decorative blocks. For this reason we added Decorative Heads and Armor Stand Poses! Buy an head using the command /heads! That's the only thing you can buy with a command on the server, because making physical a shop for heads at the spawn would mean to make you go mentally insane! Instead, to buy armor stand poses, visit the spawn complex and go to the Craft n' Trade super store.

πŸ’¬ Much more!

There is much more! We love to improve the game with small quality of life modifications! Play and see with your own eyes. An example? Death chests! No more loosing your items in lava. If you are fast enough.