Sacrifice to the Gods

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On Saturday, May 8, 2021 a group of players gathered at spawn for a scavenger hunt. *Sageuwu1 felt extremely kind and asked the players online to come to spawn for a scavenger hunt where they would hide valuable items in barrels. As the event neared the end the player congregated around the Shulker area. This is where the real fun began.

The players had been sitting in a circle around the beacon at the Shulker area when David appeared out of nowhere in the center of the circle. David began to run around the circle, faster, and faster, and faster, and eventually the players realized David was a god of the server. In chat the players began chanting, "Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice". Players began jumping from great heights down into the center of the circle and sacrificing themselves in other ways as well.

David took the sacrifices and brought down bedrock into the players hands, soon it disappeared though. But the sacrificing continued in the form of B3llauwu suffocating herself, and so did the weird happenings. With the sound of thunder, a storm began. Lighting came down, right in the center of the circle. Many players who were electrocuted are now magical. Then the craziest thing happened, the players were jolted up into a box filled with beacons they traveled in and out of reality for seconds. David was truly a god. But time flies when your having fun and so did David. And just as he was here, he was gone.

The players continued partying but slowly players left. The party was over. But next time you walk past the beacon at the Shulker area remember the magical events that happened there and the awesome scavenger hunt! Thanks Sage we all had a super fun time!

- A note on the Mysterious Happenings on PVC by *DrearPenguin603

To be continued.......

*Screenshots wouldnt work wrong file type

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