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Who were they?

The Railway Workers Union's is a now defunct union whose main goal was to create a network of railways to link all the union bases through overworld travel. Side goals included maintaining the nether and hyperloop travel networks, and an attempt to create a hub like base that can act as a central area for the rail network. It has since disbanded due to a lack of interest and motivation in involved players.


It all started when DoctorAlphons joined PVC. In his time of being in different unions, with different experiences, he had always dreamed of having his own union. He never really thought he would be able to actually create one. Yet, one day, he finally told himself that he is going to make one. And then, he had the great idea of uniting unions... But how? A railroad! So he moved to Marshy Meadows and formed a team of great workers. Then, plans shifted, and they moved closer to spawn. As of this writing, there is no known name for this new area, as it remains incomplete.

But, the story has only just begun for us...

- DoctorAlphons Railway Plans

The main plan is to connect Union HQs, as to have one, concise railway instead of multiple rails to many areas. The plan at time of collapse was to use the nether for this, to cut down on time and cost, but this was being debated as several RWU members initially joined with the goal of creating overworld railway specifically.


RWU were working on at the time of collapse:

  • A HQ Hub (To link all RWU rail projects together)
  • Nether and overworld travel connections
  • Adding more railways to fulfil their goal
  • Creating a trading hall at RWU base

Accomplishments by the RWU:

  • Placed lots of railways to get to places! (Editing note: This is only the case if you count rails constructed by RWU members prior to the formation of the RWU

Future Plans For Main Station

HQ Base and Other Builds

The now abandoned HQ is at:

Overworld Coordinates: -3907 -1000

Nether Coordinates: -495, 91, -121