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Potato town is a town started by KLYDE0987 (now OctoKlyde), it's main island is located in a swamp biome.


Potato Union

Potato Union (or POU) was once a union for 82 days, but unfortunately it got inactive because a new player business model is just not sustainable

Potato Village

Empty Gaming District

Potato Village is located in a plains biome, its has a bridge that connects it to the main island.

Its currently a work in progress

Potato town Residential area spectator view

Gaming District

The Gaming District is currently empty, but you can create games in it

Residential District

A plot based residential area, contact vanthenup or vanderrich#9987 to get a plot

Public Storage System

Potato town Public Storage System

The storage system everyone in potato town can use


a place where corspes rest

  • 90% you wont get robbed
  • 1 year warranty
  • we don't use corspses as fertilizers
  • we don't have a phantom infestation
  • we don't use corspses to make oil
  • jeliton comes from bones but not yours who would do that
  • retirement home
  • your future home


  • KLYDE0987 (now named OctoKlyde) (founder) (former)
  • nxptunewastaken (nxptunee/aqxaticsea/hbcx) (co founder)
  • vanthenup (town manager)
  • Heartalexa (inactive) (former)
  • bobthebestone1 (inactive) (former)
  • IronMikeAce (inactive) (former)
  • brvwniebite
  • AceNoFace (inactive)
  • AdamBoman (inactive)
  • _Bartolome_ (former)
  • DaSprout (inactive) (former)
  • JaztyMania
  • LovelyLamb
  • SURYAMIMA (inactive)
  • Renex_x


  • Sugarcane Bamboo and kelp farm, next to wool farm in industrial area
  • Wool farm, industrial area
  • Bee farm, next to wool farm
  • Chicken farm (Potato Fried Chicken, PFC), next to bee farm
  • Automatic Potato farm, next to cemetery, work in progress
  • Iron farm, behind brvwniebite's house, planning to be improved, currently offline
  • Cactus farm, next to bobthebestone1's house
  • Gunpowder farm behind iron farm and in front of wool farm
  • Bonemeal 2 high flower farm, next to public storage


  • The town started on September 14, 2021
  • Its located at -450 -4500
  • It was named by nxptunewastaken (now aqxaticsea) because he is using a potato skin.

The CVU Merge of 2022

In June of 2022 Potato Town has officially Decided to Merge with Creeper Valley Union CVU.

CVU banner.png