Hyperloop map2-2

The player made hyperloop is a icepath all the way around the map between the border and the railway. On the image above you can see the current iceway (thick purple lines) and the exits (yellow stars). Everyone is welcome to add a connection to wherever they want to go. There are a few guidelines to keep it easy to use.

  • Dig out a 2x3 path with the bottom at y10. the bottom layer needs to be packed ice (normal ice melts and blue ice isnt available in the server).
  • When you add a branch to the hyperloop take out the corners so there is space to move around and make the corner.
  • Make sure your exit has a higher ceiling so people can safely exit their boats.
  • Add "breaks" around your stop so its easier to stop there (check the stops that are there if you're not sure how).
  • Consider adding a chest with boats at your entrance (not required).
  • Fill up all gaps in the walls and ceiling.
  • You can mine the ores that are in the existing iceway but please fill up all the holes you make.
  • Make your entrance accesible to other players.
  • Edit this page to add your stop to the extra stops list (or leave a comment) and request a marker for your stop @ , you can list this page as your wiki link.

Main stops:

Extra stops

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