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Directory of all the server's places

Add a new place

  • Edit this page and add it to the list. Then create a new page for your place. (use the Places category please)
  • You can be rewarded by send the link of the Wiki page to the appropriate Discord chat: > Wiki 📙

Guidelines for adding a new place

When adding a page for a new place, please include a bit of history, location and some other infos.

  • An Union is an alliance composed at least by 4/5 players, with a big base and a lot of future projects in mind! If members become inactive, the union will be disbanded. For more info about unions write /unions in game chat.
  • A village is essentially a smaller union. Can have less members and requires less effort.
  • A public project is something someone built for the community!
  • An admin place is a place built by the staff in creative mode.

Note on dead places

Many of the places listed here could be abandoned or dead. Wiki is not always 100% up to date. If you spot a dead place just edit it's page adding a note telling it is abandoned. If a place instead does not exist anymore, use strike-trough on it's link and edit the page accordingly.

Wanted just a top list of places to visit?

If you are a new player you should definitely have a tour of the server visiting these places! An hand-picked list of the top places in the server, considering awesomeness of the builds and historical value.

  1. Smoke City
  2. RedEye Union
  3. EE
  4. KingPiggin's OK Sign Hand
  5. Furnace Valley
  6. The Fallen Titan
  7. Quad Spider XP farm
  8. Komorebi VIllage
  9. Ember Island
  10. The Fallen Titan
  11. The Rosa Adriatico
  12. Vault-Tec Union

Player made places


A list of current and former unions can be found at Category:Union

Mega Redstone Systems / Farms:

Villager Halls

Houses and Player-Made Buildings



Public Projects


XP Farms

Landmarks & Regions

Natural Landmarks & Regions

  • Kangaroo Island
  • Inlands
  • Farlands
  • Betalands
  • Outlands
  • ...

Player-made Landmarks

Admin-made Places

Admin Villages

Admin Public Projects

Admin Houses

Admin Landmarks

  • ...

Rentable Places