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Welcome to the Peaceful Vanilla Club Wiki!

Peaceful Vanilla Club is an unique Minecraft server. Here you can enjoy a peaceful vanilla experience, with no grief, no pay-to-win vip ranks, no map resets and no PvP outside arenas. Play like you do on single player, but with friends! With no worries. LGBTQ+ Friendly. Peaceful Vanilla Club is:

  • Peace of mind: PvP and Hard Survival only inside specific delimited areas
  • Peaceful community and peaceful gameplay, hard/normal gamemode
  • Play from any device: Geyser Crossplay between Java & Bedrock
  • VR Friendly server, officially supporting Vivecraft VR mod and official Oculus VR Minecraft
  • Nostalgia overdose. This is an oldstyle Minecraft server, in modern versions. Farlands? Got it.
  • No damn HUB or /TP. Yeah. There is only one gamemode that is survival, and you can't teleport around.
  • Player-driven economy. We keep stuff healthy balanced, the rest is up to you.

💬 Getting started

0️⃣ To get started, you need to know how to get out of spawn.

Well, that's very simple. Just enter the magic portal, or, if you have a friend already in the game, type /rtp "name" to get closer to them. If you have a preferred cardinal direction you can write /rtp north or /rtp south for example. You won't be able to use /rtp after leaving the spawn room. You can also have a quick tour of some of the best places around the server, just write /tour.

1️⃣ Don't get lost, orient yourself easily. No teleports.

We have a dynamic web map. Oh, no, wait. We have two web maps. Visit our website and click on "Maps". You can choose between a dynamic 3D model of the world, and an isometric 2D map. Use the maps to find your way. You can try heading back to the spawn: you got teleported away from it on step zero of this guide. In the spawn region you will find a lot useful stuff made by the admins. The spawn is a big region owned by the admins where you can't break or place blocks, but you can still interact with a lot of stuff. Don't forget to read our guide on travelling, since there is no teleportation you need to know how to move around efficiently.

2️⃣ Claim your land. Do it!

Private property is a real thing. Mark. Your. Land. As soon as you can! Don't leave your builds unclaimed, they can get griefed, and you don't want that. To claim a piece of land (an area), place down a claim block. You get one for free after a while. You can buy more claim blocks at the spawn. Claim blocks look like ores, but have special names. Once you are ready you can also read a guide about claiming here and if you are really into it, you can go more in-depth too.

3️⃣ Read the rules. Or get banned.

Yeah. You will. You can find the official server rulebook at and you have to read it carefully. There are many interesting rules that you need to know. Should this be step zero? Yeah probably but no one read the rules at step zero. Let's make this step three.

4️⃣ Economic system and renting.

The server has a fully working economic system. We strive to keep it balanced and healthy, but it's up to players to run it. You can open your shop and start selling or buying items. You can rent an area in the spawn region to open your shop there if you like, but you can open it wherever you want, really. Want to learn how to open a shop? Read this guide. The main server currency are ores, but we have also a virtual currency and actual banks. Read more about the economic system here.

5️⃣ Playtime matters. Ranks!

Your playtime matters. Check it writing /playtime. You will acquire new ranks based on your playtime. Better ranks have less restrictions in social interactions and in economy-related stuff. Want to know more about ranks? Check this page out!

6️⃣ New features! (Is this server vanilla?)

I already told you that this server isn't vanilla. It's called Peaceful Vanilla Club - I know. But it isn't neither vanilla nor in peaceful game mode. We like to improve stuff. What's written in this page is all about improvements we did on top of the vanilla gameplay, but here it is a list of other smaller and cool features that we added too. There are many little neat features that you will love! /tpa? No, that's not a cool feature. That's something Satan himself made to ruin the game, and please remember that we are a Christian server. That kind of stuff entirely kills the original feel of Minecraft. Our stuff, doesn't.

9️⃣ Is this server peaceful? (Spoiler alert)

No. But yes. The server runs on normal (sometimes hard) game mode. It's called peaceful because of it's charming community. Also note that we improved the vanilla gameplay so much that as a side effect it got easier. So, yeah, life on Peaceful Vanilla Club is... peaceful. We even give keep inventory to everyone for the first minutes of playtime! This is not the kind of server where you strive to survive your first night, unless... you enter an hard survival area [work in progress]. What about PvP? Feel tired of the peaceful routine? Just enter a PvP area (or arena) and start smashing that left mouse button. PvP arenas are built by admins, and you can find one in the spawn, but players can build them too (an admin needs to come, verify the arena and enable PvP in it).

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