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About The Project

Logo made by MantacidTech of the Court Of Fools

The Nether Cleanup Project (NCP) is a project that’s main goal is to clean the endlessly griefed nether. This project strives to remove nerd-poles, fill in holes, destroy unused bridges, and more! (We do not intend on making the entire nether empty again, simply to remove trash!!!) This project was started by MintEllalala in September of 2020 and taken over by *Ashplayz7296 in June 2022 This project has several different branches that will all be explained on this wiki page.


  • Cleaning Grief
    • When I say cleaning grief I am referring to things that are considered small cleanups which are where we run around the nether destroying player made pillars (nerd-poles), unused/unneeded bridges, spammed random blocks such as dirt, cobble, etc. and if we are in a good mood we might repair some old pathways.
  • Terraforming Flat Areas
    • If an area is particularly flat, dug out, griefed to bits, or simply looks bad we collect netherrack to terraform it. Depending on the area size these are considered medium-large cleanups.
  • Nether Ice Bridges/Railways
    • This part of the project will be worked on a lot farther down the line. More info will be added about it when its closer to time (and we actually have permission to follow through with it.)

How to join the team

Unlike in the past you can now join the NCP, The NCP is currently looking for members to join us. This isn’t an official union so anyone can join. If you’re interested DM JustAsh#6255 on discord or /mail in game. Another way you can help us donate netherrack in the nether hubs or simply give them to someone on the team.

Netherrack Donations

You can currently donate netherrack to us in the nether hubs. .

The Donation Games

The Donation Games is a friendly competition that was start in order to encourage more people to donate netherrack to the hubs. At the end of each week the netherrack from each donation chest will be collected and the amount will be added together and which ever hub donation chest has the most netherrack at the end of the week will score a point. best of luck to everyone in season 2!!! (donation chest located at the entrance of each color hub)

NCP Head Quarters

The NCP HQ is located at 300, 64, -774 in the overworld. This is where we will store all our resources and mass amounts of netherrack. (you can also get there in the nether by going into green hub and looking for the tunnel that is labeled NCP)

Example of areas we've cleaned so far

This is one example of the NCP before we handled it

This is after

Common Questions

Q: Can we recommend areas for you to clean up?

A: Yes! absolutely, I actually encourage that you do!

Q: Is this a union project

A: No! it is run by *Ashplayz7296 a bit behind the scene

Q: why are we so dedicated to this project?

A: So that the nether is a safer, easy to navigate, and more aesthetically pleasing place.

(For any questions feel free to message or ping Justash#6255 on discord!)

Big Thanks!

Rylact: for being the first large donation of netherrack to the NCP it really helped get it started!

HardVolcano: Currently holding the title for most netherrack donated and I could not thank you enough!

Fun Facts!

FF: The NCP was started on September 4th, 2020 by the amazing MintEllalala with a lot of help from Rubtub12 of the court of fools. The NCP was later taken on by *Ashplayz7296.

FF: The first NCP donation chests weren't actually asking for netherrack, they were asking for pickaxes and shovels.

FF: The NCP started by MintEllalala simply saying in chat one night "Imagine how clean the nether would be if people destroyed the spammed random blocks as they ran through"

The Nether Cleanup Project would like to give a special thanks to The Court of Fools Union for all their help and support getting the project started and an even bigger thanks to everyone who has donated netherrack, tools, and other materials to the project. It is truly amazing to see the community come together as one to work on this large project.