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The Llama Iceways

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What are The Llama Iceways?

The Llama Iceways are a network of ice paths that span the majority of the nether, connecting up a multitude of places with each other.

The public project, spearheaded by *LarryTLlama, enables players to move about the server much quicker than traditional iceways which generally travel from any location to the Nether Hub. The Llama Iceways travel from key destinations along a shared route to other destinations.

Aside from the standard smooth basalt railing on either side of the iceway, one thing that makes The Llama Iceways so readily identifiable is its consistent "Y" height. If you are standing on the iceway, you will be at Y-79. Players with iceways on this level are encouraged to include them in the network, if possible.

It is also possible to navigate the iceways while flying, thanks largely in part to Flynn, who cleared the netherrack above the iceways to allow for flight.

Iceways that form The Llama Iceways

The Llama Iceways

The Llama Iceways consist of all the iceways that connect destinations inside the inner core area of the nether. The great majority were built by *LarryTLlama, and some were constructed by Flynn, as well as other players who have connected their iceway to the network. Any iceway that connects to the Llama Iceways network on LlamaLevel™ (y79 while standing on the ice) is considered part of the Llama Iceways network by default, especially if it creates an additional connection between existing iceways.

The Farlands Iceways (Flynn Ice)

The Farlands Iceways are a set of 4 iceways that form a box around the inner core of the nether. Each is perfectly straight from one corner to the next, allowing for high-speed travel through the edges of the core nether. They were a public project organized by Flynn Ice (the non-profit division of Flynn's Stones). They are predominantly the work of Flynn but others contributed to the project.

  • The Southern Farlands Iceway - This section covers the southernmost section of the network and links up the Llama Iceways near the Quartz Hub, at the Eastern and Western Farlands Iceways, and along the 0-axis leading back to the Pink Hub. This iceway project was completed in December 2021.
  • The Eastern Farlands Iceway - This iceway (formerly known as "Far East, Then Far South" Iceway) connects the Yellow Hub, as well as to the Northern and Southern Farlands Iceways. This iceway is believed to have been constructed by Giant (to lead to his swamp area in the South Eastern near-Farlands area) but the history of the iceway is uncertain. Flynn adopted this iceway after connecting to it back in September 2021 and has since created an entrance to Certune from the Iceway, as well as connected it to what would become the Southern Farlands Iceway. This iceway was finished when it was extended to the North in November 2021.
  • The Northern Farlands Iceway - This iceway covers the northern section of the network and links to the Lllama Iceways on route to the Green and Yellow Hubbs. It also connects with the Eastern and Western iceways, as well as Llama Iceway that passes by the Llama Sanctuary and the Llama Iceway that connects Moonland to the Dark Market. This iceway was completed in December 2021. The iceway had to be pushed further north than initially planned due to Aus3z's nether claims but the relocation of the iceway some 30 blocks north was faciliated by David and thus David is also credited with helping to complete this section of the Iceway. Remenants of the earlier partially completed iceway can be seen in the northeast area.
  • The Western Farlands Iceway - This iceway covers the western section of the network and links to the Llama Iceways on route to the Blue Hub. It connects to the Northern and Southern iceways as well. It was completed in December 2021.

Connect your iceway to The Llama Iceways and let Larry know! We have some guidelines for connecting, so please check in with Flynn.


Can I connect to the iceways? Yes! We love it when players connect to our network! However, please let us know before you connect. Whether thats a /mail, or a DM, you can contact *LarryTLlama, and just let us know that you're connecting!

Where can I view the map? We've created a website for it!

What do the Llama Iceways look like? Most areas have basalt and soul lanterns on them (though some areas don't have the soul lanterns). If you're looking for the Llama Iceways, head to Y=79 and look for the basalt!

Where can I donate to the Iceways? You can head to LarryTLlama's Llama Sanctuary and drop stuff in the donation box! Thank you <3

How often is the Interactive Map updated? About once every couple months, or whenever new locations are added. Let us know if you're not added and we'll get you added!

Where can I get the latest updates for the Llama Iceways? We'll post any major updates in #public-projects in PVC!

Have any more questions? You can ask us on our discord.

Locations & Destinations

While these locations are divided into multiple sections, but they are not separate iceways. Every location on this list is accessible from any other. If you would like to be added, simply build a way to access the Iceways from where you are and post in the comments. While not possible to show every location on the transit map, requests can be forwarded to Larry.

The North

  • Aus3z's 'bare bones' public farms - a variety of public farms are in this area from Aus3z
  • Green and Yellow Hubs - The heart of PVC, the nether hubs link to Spawn and Cobbletown, and many of the server's locations (sometimes via direct-path iceways and railways not part of the Llama Iceway network)

The East

  • The EmLands - Currently one of the most popular shopping areas in PVC - hosts a casino and multiple shops.
  • BIF Union's Base and EE - EE is a supermarket style shop, run by the BIF union hosting their base nearby
  • Yellow Hub - One of the major nether hubs on the server.
  • Sprucetown - A small well-established players' town.
  • Sunset Bay Mall / Town Square - A player town hosting its mall (with casino), town hall and the HQ of the Games & Competitions Union
  • LarryTLlama's Llama Sanctuary - Tourist attraction and the HQ of LarryTLlama, and The Llama Iceways with exhibits showcasing llamas and all of their coolness
  • The Cave Civilization - A communal base within the HSV regions of the map known as the Betalands
  • HOP - Union HQ
  • Certune - Popular XP/Gold farm with a now forgotten shopping area and working Blaze farm
  • Flynn's Oceanside Klatsch - the work-in-progress location of Flynn's Masons and home of the Flynn's Stones brand.
  • HHU - Union HQ
  • Artemis (The Builder House) - Large shop selling building materials with tall landmarks

The South

  • The Pink Hub - One of the servers grand nether hubs.
  • Aegis Union Betalands Border Outpost - The location of the AGU's outpost to help weary travellers into the Betalands located on the far side of the Farlands.

The West

  • Moonland - The old heart of PVC retail and still holding on. It has a PVP arena, casino, public food farm, villager hall, and many shops
  • Dark Market - A great shop based in the nether for many products!
  • Quartz Hub - Another grand nether shop with with an xp/gold farm
  • Access to the Saenctuary Iceway - Large base belonging to Saelig and near "The Trench".
  • The Blue Hub - One of the four major nether hubs near Spawn.
  • The Trench



These maps are not up-to-date nor are they reliable. For a fully updated map, go to our website.


November 2021