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Le Vieux Phare de Rêve (The Old Dream Lighthouse) is a lighthouse on the outskirts of a base in the snowy tundra biome. You will be able to find the base South of the East Admin Waterway and West of the Inner East Railway at -2125/82/343. You can also access the base by traveling through the nether and following the path outside of the blue nether hub labelled "Anti Base". Built by soapyrose with help from Raynebowe and Iso13.


The lighthouse follows the theme of the base; it is predominantly built out of stone bricks, spruce, dark oak and lanterns for some finishing touches. It was built on the highest point of the surrounding land so that it stands out and overlooks the water.


The land under the lighthouse was previously just a cliff, and with a bit of terraforming it was flat enough to begin construction. After completing much of the main base, soapyrose took it upon herself to begin adding some interesting landmarks, the lighthouse being one.


Due to having many resources left over after building the town, finding a way to use them up in a cool way was important. Hence, the lighthouse was built. soapyrose found some blueprints from the internet and began building the same day. Whilst not a huge feat, the project turned out nice.


The start of the build of the lighthouse was easy. It began with terraforming the cliff, after which a circle was made on top to provide a base for the lighthouse. Once that was done it became easier to build from there. Alternating stone bricks and spruce wood were used to give it more texture and an appearance that matched the town. The light portion is made out of redstone lamps and redstone blocks. Once construction of the top was complete a spiral staircase was built in the center by Raynebowe after removal of the scaffolding.

Further Decoration

Much of the lighthouse is decorated by lanterns and fences, giving it a medieval touch. After going up the first level of the spiral staircase you can lookout over the town and water using the balconies on each side. They are quite nice for watching the sunset from, but be sure to watch out for phantoms.


The lighthouse construction began on June 4, 2020 and was finished in the subsequent days. It is fairly new and has been visited by many already. It is hoped that more people will come and enjoy the nice view and sunset from the tower. It is also quite fun to fly off of if you have an elytra.

Future Plans

2020-06-10 17.00.56.png

soapyrose hopes to add to the lighthouse in the future and possibly add a shop/sitting area below the lighthouse for people to hangout and possibly get a souvenir.