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Komorebi Village (こもれび村)

Komorebi Village is a Japanese-inspired village created by Staleegg. The village is mid-west from spawn, and can be easily reached through the southern tunnel of the Nether Train Station or by simply walking to the coordinates (-2897, 609). The village consists of multiple small shops and houses, a large temple, Lighthouse, and Staleegg's base. The village was still under construction at the time of its abandonment.

Village Features 

Kaminoki Tree ( 神の木 )
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Translated to "God Tree," the Kaminoki Tree is the nether portal that connects the Nether Train Station to Komorebi Village. The Portal has been built up to resemble a large, ancient willow tree. The portal takes its users straight to the middle of the village, the central market.

Komorebi Central Market

The Central Market consisted of many small stores, stands, and tents that sold a range of items, from food to supplies to armor. All items seemed to be cheap and were normally sold for emeralds or iron.

Shinrin-Yoku Temple ( 森の井戸 寺院 )
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Sinrin-Yoku Temple is a temple placed just on the outskirts of the village. The large temple serves as a central point and meeting place for the village.

Yanagi Lighthouse ( ウィロー灯台 )​

Translated to "Willow Lighthouse", Yanagi Lighthouse was built on the south-east edge of the village, facing a deep ocean. Inside the lighthouse, there are open chests of old valuables and supplies that once helped poor fisherman, but are now left for dust. New players were welcome to take some treasures when they visited the village, but older players were advised to leave ​​​​​​​the goods for new members

Staleegg's Base

Staleegg had her home placed west of the grand temple, separated from the rest of the village. Her base seemed small, but she seemed to spend an awful amount of time in the basement.