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Logo of the IBU. Made by Astru5.


The IBU was created on 14 February 2021 (Valentine's Day) by *AwesomeMindBoy and *ImJustNiek.

The Union was created to shine a light on the younger side of the server. IBU was originally called MOU (Minors only Union) but decided to change it to IBU. We want to make friends and meet new people. This union was created to imagine, create, help and socialize. By giving people a helpful hand, this union was able to recruit a few members and make sure they receive the help that they need, and in return, the union itself got help.


Every member (buddy) of the union is required to be at least <<Member>> rank and between the ages of 10-18 years old (exceptions for people who were in the union and turned over 18), have a good attitude and be helpful. otherwise, it's a no go for them. These requirements make sure that every member is going to be helpful and not act rotten. If someone somehow slips by, they will be kicked out.

If you want to join, DM Niek (@*ImJustNiek) or Kiddo (@AwesomeMindBoy). We will ask you a couple questions to find out what kind of player you are. Then you will become Trainee. As Trainee, you will work together with the union to gain trust in each other, and see how The Buddies roll. After about 2 days being Trainee, the members will discuss the trainee and then vote. If approved, you will gain member rank. There is no rank higher then member (except owner). All members have the same rights.


IBU Nether Hub will get a direct link to one of the nether hubs. This link is a WIP. So the IBU Nether Hub is linked to the road to Moonland and The Blue Hub for now. co-ordinates of the IBU Nether Hub are -292, 53, -713, making the Overworld of the HQ -2340, -5700.


The Buddies of the IBU are kind-hearted people who will do anything to achieve their dream/help someone.

  • *AwesomeMindBoy/Kiddo_owo (Owner/Co-Leader)
  • *ImJustNiek (Owner/Leader)
  • *WinningAnt96463/PixelWolf8976 (Member)
  • Masterkitty10 (Member)
  • *Dasia2767 (Member)
  • LeviMacLean (Member)
  • *Idk_how_I2950 (Member)
  • bluespotgaming (Member)
  • Slimeyboy17 (Former Member)
  • Wertycnf (Former Member)
  • *Swyrene/Swyrene (Former Member)
  • Astru5 (Former Member)
  • BabyBonz07 (Former Member)
  • Puddelelsker42 (Former Member)
  • ObviouslyNerd2 (Former Member
  • haiioimisolde (Former Member)
  • *Mordred1233(Former Member)
  • TheTotalLegend (Former Member)
  • (and the citizens of ocean town, the town for new comers to the server)
    IBU is looking for new members who are also loving, kind hearted and an awesome person in general.

Social Links

The IBU has a YouTube channel founded by MasterKitty10 on the 19th of April 2021.

IBU has no other known social medias.


We are currently working on a couple different projects, some of which will take a while to complete.

Union-Wide Projects

Union-Wide Projects are projects that we work on as a Union for the benefit of the whole Union. This consists of larger projects with consistent upgrades, and improvement contributed by the overall members of the Union.

  • IBU HQ

The IBU HQ is our HQ. It currently contains a storage area (410 double chests), a little house that contains 2 villagers (to-be villager hall), A huge statue with an IBU logo on top, "The Wizards Tower" containing a dream enchantment setup, an underground cave connecting to a house, with a few essential farms, along with a swimming pool, bulldozer space battery's and a few space ships or planes and 1 ty-fighter, these are because the union's name is intergalactic buddy's union and for that we were too much on the ground. it is also home to Masterkitty10 in his ewok hut. The HQ is A freestyle build and mostly build out of jungle wood and Prismarine blocks.

  • IBU Nether Hub and The Iceways

The IBU Nether Hub is the nether part of the IBU HQ, it contains the portal and will contain a total of The IBU Nether Hub has/plans to have 3 iceways:

  1. The first one will connect to the Moonland highway to get members of IBU a fast way to travel to Moonland.
  2. The second iceway will go directly to The Blue Nether Hub.
  3. The third iceway will connect with the Archbishop Faramond's holy domain.
  • Archbishop Faramond's holy domain

The Archbishop Faramond's holy domain will be a medieval style town containing a Cathedral an Castle and other buildings Like a Blacksmith, windmill and tavern. This has not started as of yet, but IBU plans to soon.

  • The IBU Guardian Farm

The IBU Guardian Farm had many hours into draining the monument and then making the farm. The farm is a crucial part of IBU if they want to build with their block scheme, prismarine. The guardians can also drop cod, which is a relatively good source of food, when cooked. IBU has plans on making the farm public, but currently only IBU members have access to the drops. The Guardian Farm is also a decent source of EXP. You can reach this area by entering the portal at -284 57 -884 in the nether. The Guardian farm is now officially done and decorated to full glory.

  • IBU's Zombie Pigman Farm

The IBU Zombie Pigman farm helps IBU members get EXP very quickly. The farm also supplies IBU with gold ingots and gold nuggets for gold. It can also supply IBU with rotten flesh to sell to clerics for emeralds. Clerics are not in place yet, however IBU does have plans to get them. You can get through this farm via a nether portal at -380 53 -709. The Gold Farm is currently being renovated. The new Zombie Pigman Farm will be the largest on the server, estimating about 13 gold blocks every 5 minutes. Requiring 330 stacks of obsidian and 24 21x23x20 portals, It will take about 1.5 months to get all the obsidian placed down and get all the engineering completed.

  • The IBU Barter Farm

The IBU Barter Farm has 4 piglins bartering with you. This is a great way to get many miscellaneous items like ender pearls, blackstone, gravel, soul speed, crying obsidian and much more. If you want to buy any of the barter products, you can go to the IBU shop in Moonland and buy them for very cheap.

  • Ocean Town

Ocean Town is an area for new players to live and make themselves a nice starter home. They can also have fun with other new players who are staying in Ocean Town. To become a member of Ocean Town, you must contact AwesomeMindBoy or *ImJustNiek. The nether portal coordinates of Ocean Town are -294 -884

Private Player Projects

Private Player Projects are Projects that a member makes for themselves and for (mostly) their own benefit.

  • Masterkitty10's Medium Base
  • LeviMacLean's Inn
  • LeviMacLean and Masterkitty10s IBU Village


These are screenshots of builds by members of IBU

IBU shop

The Coral Cave

The IBU Headquarters.

IBU's secret.

Important. This is a work in progress and some info may be inaccurate and/or change soon. Do not count everything here as real until we say that all the info here is correct and is official. Do not change or add anything if you are not a member or associate of IBU unless given permission. All information belongs to IBU and is to not be used for one's harm or the better benefit of yours.