Peaceful Vanilla Club Wiki


The Historians of PVC (Commonly known as HOP) is a union created by a group of republic people for the purpose of looking through the history of the server and visiting spots that have had some sort of impact on the server and helping the community out by being resource friendly. This means that we will have spare resources for other members of the server to help them add to the beauty that is PVC. As the name suggests we try to preserve the beautiful history of PVC. We believe that keeping the server’s history is a important job that needs to be done, if no people will not remember what happened in the past and big events that happened in the past will only be in the memories of the people who were present there. But it also happens that those people leave us and so will their memories be. So, if you want to tell us stories of the past that you remember, we will be glad to listen to this story! If you also find books, locations of events or even bases that you think should be investigated by us, you can always tell us! It should be noted that HOP is an government free union and while we don't often get along great with PVC staff we try our best and will not tolerate unjust acts against them.

Our Area

  • HOP owns a giant library! Feel free to read the books in it.
  • HOP is now working on an almost finished giant museum that will include a map art gallery, original and uncopied books exhibit, dead unions corner and small replicas of chosen bases.
  • HOP also owns a squid farm and has a small town/village for union members to build a small base in.

Current HOP Projects

To finish HOP museum

HOP Allies

  • Avalon Union (AVU)
  • Helping Hand Union (HHU)


HOP has lots of fun lore we are making up behind it and more will be revealed as HOP grows!


HOP has built and is currently filling our museum, located at the HOP base, the HOP museum has historic items and detailed recreations of important places, such as a COF stall, and more.

Admission of new members

We are happy to invite new people into the union... but there are some important requirements!

These include:

  • The player should be a member+ (some exceptions to this rule can be made) on the server.
  • Player should be active on the server.
    Application form:
  • The form doesn't define who is entered into HOP, if HOPs leader/coleader is online its generally better to DM them, however it may take longer.