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The Helping Hand Union is about helping all sorts of all players regardless of experience with the game. Be it from rescuing lost loot, acquiring materials or just explaining how the server functions, our objective is to stabilize a peaceful server where no trouble arises! We all hope everyone gets a fun experience in PVC!

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Join us!

We are always willing to get a new hand!

But how do you join, you ask? Easy! Just enter out this form and one of the leaders will get in contact.

Union Projects!

Here are some of our current union projects!

  • Get the members to build a little home in HHU base!
  • Villager trading hall.
  • Build HHU Cloud Megabase.
  • Build Prismarine Farm.

Finished Projects!

Here we list our finished projects!

  • Finished the Delivery System! All info is on This Wiki Page.
  • New HQ.
  • Got the Iceway done from the nether hub.

Giveaways We Did!

Here are the Giveaways we finished!

  • Secret Santa presents exchange for members.
  • Donor Voucher Giveaway At 26th December and 1st February

Have a quick look around!

Our current hq.

Cool look hq.pngCool night wiew hq.pngInterrior2.pngInterrior4.pngInterrior3.pngInterrior1.pngInterrior5.png

Old HHU base. (saved for history)