Helping Hand Delivery

Helping Hand Delivery System

Ever needed some resources but have almost no time to do so? Worry not! The Helping Hand Delivery is here!


Founded on the 22th of September in 2021 by the Helping Hand Union, this delivery system will help you with all your resource collection problems!

And the fun part; It costs absolutely nothing! Not even a single dirt block!

Just come to one of our three posts, drop a delivery request in the hopper and wait it out! We'll get in contact almost immediately after we noticed the book!

How to send a Delivery Request.

You're probably wondering; "Gee, how do I send a Delivery Request?" Worry not! This guide will tell you all about it!

Just follow these steps in order to get a correct Delivery request up and running:

  1. Get to spawn to claim a free book and quill.
  2. State your IGN (In-Game Name) and Discord tag so we can contact you about the delivery!
  3. Ask us what you need (There will be some things that we will not send, check the Limitations for more info.)
  4. Tell us your base coords or where you need it to be delivered!
  5. If you are doing this for an Union, please state so!
  6. Sign the book, and drop it in one of our three posts!

And now you're done! Wait it out, because it can take a while for us to notice the request.


We also have some limitations:

  • Only Member+ (24 hours+ of playtime)
  • Only once per 2 weeks (We don't want to do it everyday for just you!)
  • Your request can't be more than what a shulker box can fit.
  • Absolutely NO rare items (Dias, Debris, Beacons, Ore Blocks, etc.)
  • We will not accept Emeralds/Emerald Blocks, as they are just for economical purposes.
  • No Quartz, Ice or Rails as we are building a new iceway to New HHU HQ.

If any of these limitations are not followed, we will decline the request, and you'll have to try again.

The Posts

Here's a list of the 3 posts in the Delivery System

- Post 1: HHU HQ (This will change later!)

Mail House Coords: 5874, 68, 1983

HHU Mail Post.png

Overworld Portal Coords: 5886, 68, 1984

HHU Overworld Portal.png

Nether Portal Coords: 735, 67, 247

HHU Nether Portal (Delivery Edition).png

- Post 2: Always' Base

Mail House Coords: -5218, 74, -4862

Always' Mailhouse.png

Overworld Portal Coords: -5206, 69, -4860

Always' Overworld Portal.png

Nether Portal Coords: -647, 43, -605

Always' Nether Portal.png

- Post 3: Liz's Base

Mail House Coords: 5247, 69, 275

Liz' Mailhouse.png

Overworld Portal Coords: 5183, 73, 254

Portal Near Liz' Base.png

Nether Portal Coords: 648, 42, 30

Nether Portal Near Liz' Base.png

And that's the three posts, concluding this Wiki! Hope you have fun getting a request ready! Portal Near Liz' Base.png

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