Skyline Ring

Gathering of Dawn is a non-theistic religion that was founded by user SirLordSagan. It aims to spread the teachings that gave the people of Daggry a victory.


  1. Build with passion, not just for themselves, also for the future.
  2. Never leave a man in need of help.
  3. Share the tale of Dawn, so it's not lost for generations.

Religious Symbols:

  1. Skyline Ring: (As seen on the photo) Skyline Ring represents the time of dawn. It is built by 6 smooth stones, 10 cobblestone stairs, 8 torch, 3 glass panes and 2 fence.
  2. Helm Banner: (As seen on the photo) Helm Banner represents being on the right track. It's a light gray banner, with purple flower pattern on it.


Gathering of Dawn gives away things for their second teaching, and also make the religion more appealing.

Donations are:

  1. Food
  2. Housing
  3. Helm Banner
  4. Pamphlets

Religious Places:

Currently, there are no active places for Gathering of Dawn.

One that has been planned to build is:

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