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This is an example of a high-quality wiki page. The page begins with a short summary (also called a "lead section") about the whole page itself, detailing what users will learn when they read it. The summary is written before any other headers are added, so that it appears above all other information on the page, including the navigation.

Introducing a Main Topic

The heading formatting is used to introduce a main topic in a few words on the page. Do not write full sentence in headings or subheadings as it should be short and easy to read for the purpose of navigation and mobile viewers.

When reading a wiki article about a topic, sometimes it is difficult to understand the information if there are too many headings and subheaders that complicate the article. Try to keep information as concise as possible and as organized as possible, without getting too complicated.

The first section of the article should prioritize the most important part of information for each article. For a union, this is most likely the purpose of the union or it's history. For a place, this is most likely a description of it's history. For an event, this is most likely the description of the rules. Use your best judgement when organizing information on your page.

Grammar and Formatting

Formatting and grammar on a wiki page is important to pay attention to, as this ensures that the article is easy to read and understand by all users. There are different aspects to consider when writing a wiki page.


Subheadings can be used when there would normally be a lot of information contained within a heading, and make it easier for users to immediately jump to the most relevant information on the page. An example use of subheadings would be dividing major periods in history for a union by era or date, or by talking about more specific examples of topics related to the main heading.

Subheadings are not a substitute for lists or tables, which are better to use if there is only a little bit of information to talk about. Avoid using subheadings unless the article will benefit from it's use!

Do not apply boldface or italicized formatting to headings or subheadings.

Pictures, Galleries, Tables and Infoboxes

You can add a picture, infobox, or gallery through the insert dropdown menu.

Pictures can be used in an article to improve how understandable an article is, by showing an example of what the article is talking about. For example, if you are writing an article about a shop, you can use pictures to show what the villagers are trading. If you are writing an article about a large place, such as a Union Hub, you can use pictures alongside headings and subheaders to visualize the different places that are within the hub.

When using pictures on the wiki, make sure that they are small enough that they don't make the rest of the page hard to read, that they are placed alongside the relevant text in the page (instead of in the middle of text), and that you don't use too many. Be sure to add a description to the image to further explain it's relevance.

If there are a lot of pictures or videos to show, consider using a table or gallery to better organize the photos.

Infoboxes are another tool that can be used in an article to organize the most important information into one space. An example of an infobox at the beginning of this page. For example, the Union Infobox on the PVC Wiki will show users the Union's name, logo, location, membership, and important coordinates.

Other Formatting Tips

  • Avoid overusing bold and italic text where it is not relevant. A term should only be boldface when introducing a new term or topic that is explained within the article, and should only be italicized if it is used for clarifying emphasis (like this) or for emphasizing names and titles.
  • Use bulleted or numbered lists to better organize processes or lists.
  • Avoid increasing or decreasing font size unless there is a good reason for it.


When creating a page, it should have the appropriate categorization added to it. This allows it to automatically be added to our dynamic category pages, and makes it easier for users to find the page.

Categories are added at the bottom of the page once it is created. You can then view all pages within that category on their respective category page. For example, all of the pages categorized as unions are found on the Category:Union page.

Example Pages

The PVC Staff have designated the following pages as being exceptionally high-quality.

Page Description Reason for Distinction
Claiming A page that explains the claiming system used on PVC.
  • Clear lead section
  • Well organized headers and subheaders
  • Effective use of tables and pictures to explain information
  • Appropriately categorized
Claim Commands A detailed guide on the commands that can be used to modify claims on PVC
  • Clear lead section
  • Links to other relevant pages throughout the article
  • Effective use of lists and tables to break down concepts
  • Well organized headers and subheaders
Foolsport A shop/place page located on PVC
  • Effective use of Headers and Pictures to show different areas of a large place
  • Effective use of categories to make the page easy to find
  • Pictures are aligned to the side and do not disrupt the flow of information
The Court of Fools (Union) The main union page for The Court Of Fools
  • Effectively utilised infobox
  • Well organized headers