On our server, a number of events are hosted by Administrators and Moderators. While some are one-time events with prizes, others are recurring and modify certain aspects of the game. Read more about the events on the server below!

Current Events

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These events are in progress!
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Event Description End Date Prizes
Sandcastle Building Contest

Build your best sandcastle in this event hosted by Aitnys and Magentabear. All materials provided!

Entry: 14 Nov

Voting: 17 Nov

30x Diamond 25x Emerald Block 5x Playtime Cert.

Best Alpha-Styled House Build your best house, base, or camp in the style of one from the Minecraft Alpha/Beta periods.  Not Determined Custom Request from the Admins
Wiki Writer Contest Contribute to the PVC Wiki, and win awesome prizes! Four winners determined by quality and number of contributions. Not Determined User Title;

32-128x Emeralds

Recurring Events

Recurring Events happen on a regular schedule on the server. These often impact certain elements of the server itself, such as the reopening of The End or a change in drop rates on ores or mobs.   

The Enderdragon Hunt

Main Article: The Enderdragon Hunt


The Enderdragon Egg Hunt ran in October 2019.

The Enderdragon Hunt 
is a monthly event in which The End is reset and opened for users to access and loot. Occasionally, special events also occur around this period of time, such as Dragon Egg hunts or Voter/Donor celebrations!

The Hastening

The Hastening is an event which occasionally occurs on the server, during which, all users receive a haste buff and ores have increased spawn rates.

Special Events

Special Events happen frequently on the server, but are not guaranteed to come back, or may come back in different forms. These events frequently have prizes provided by Admins or Moderators!

Building Competitions

2019-11-09 20.17.12

One of the builds from the Sandcastle Building Contest in Nov 2019

Building Competitions are themed contests in which users create builds that compete with one another for a prize! These events can be individual or team based, and happen with different themes throughout the year. Previous events include Best Public Projects (such as canals or farms); Best Houses; Best Union Builds; and more!

Check out the below past building competitions for photos of past builds and the winner's results!

Previous Events:

  1. November 2019: Sandcastle Building Contest
  2. November 2019: Best Alpha-Styled House 
  3. July 2019: Best House/Village/Town Building Competition

More previous events coming soon...                                   

Complete List of Previous Events

For a complete list of events, click here for the Wiki Category: Event page.

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