Peaceful Vanilla Club Wiki

Cobbletown is a town located at the Overworld spawn, it contains a shopping area of Peaceful Vanilla Club.

How To Get To Cobbletown

You can get to Cobbletown through the Nether Hubs or the Spawn

The nether portal to Cobbletown is located between the tunnel to the Green and Blue hubs, as shown below.

The path from Spawn is a sewer of sorts, right next to the Shulker Area, you can see its entrance here!

Nether Hub Map Lower Layer.png

Building Rules

Cobbletown has one rule: you can only build out of stone related blocks. Although, you can use other blocks, stone-related blocks have to be the main blocks used in the build.

Buying a Plot

To buy a plot you need Virtuacoins, and then right click on a sign on the corner of the plot. Virtuacoins are acquired in the Bank

After renting a plot, you need to add a shop! You can by a villager egg at spawn. If you don't know how to set up the player shop, check this page!

Admin shops in Cobbletown


Giovannino is a villager shop, and can be found near the nether portal (take a left out).

-204 63 -147

Item Cost Item(s)
1x Hopper 7x Gold Blocks + 2 Iron blocks

Ciro Immobile

Ciro Immobile is another shop, found as a parrot (left click the parrot to trade). It is found directly next to Giovannino.

-204 63 -149

This shop sells:

Ciro Immobile Shop
Item Cost Item(s)
Diamond Horse Armour 4x gold ingots + 6x diamonds
Iron Horse Armour 4x gold ingots + 10x iron ingots
Gold Horse Armour 8x gold ingots
Gilded Blackstone (12x) 2x gold ingots + 2x diamonds
Heart of the sea 12x gold ingots + 8x iron ingots
Sponge (6x) 2x gold ingots + 2x iron ingots
Cobwebs (14x) 6x gold ingots + 5x diamonds
Banner Pattern "Thing" 8x Gold blocks + 5x diamonds
Banner Pattern "Snout" 8x gold blocks + 5x diamonds

Heading towards the back of Cobbletown, you will find...

"A lot of wood"

On the right, you can find an iron golem trading "A lot of wood" -21 68 -159

"A lot of wood"
Item Cost Item(s)
1x A lot of wood 128x log (Any type excluding nether logs)

Totem shop 1

Directly next to "A lot of wood" you can find our first totem villager. -21 68 -159

"Totem Villager One"
Item Cost Item(s)
1x Totem of undying 128x A lot of wood
1x Totem of undying 8x Gold Blocks + 4x Diamonds

Bulk Totems

The Iron golem here sells Bulk Totem Vouchers -21 68 -169

Item Cost Item(s)
12x Bulk Totem Voucher 64x Gold Blocks + 32x Diamonds

Totem Villager 2

This villager trades those bulk buy vouchers to totems! -21 68 -169

"Totem Villager Two"
Item Cost Item(s)
1x Totem of undying 1x Bulk Totem Voucher
1x Totem of undying 8x Gold blocks + 4x Diamonds