You can protect your land in PVC by placing a claim block. Placing a claim block prevents other players from breaking or placing blocks, using redstone switches such as buttons or pressure plates, opening doors, and opening chests and furnaces. The claim blocks are made of ores, and it is for this reason that you can’t silk touch ores in PVC.

For an in-depth claim blocks command guide, read Claim Commands.

Types of Claim Block

There are four different types of claim block: lapis, coal, redstone, and diamond. Each block covers an area 64 blocks above and below it, except for lapis, which covers 5 blocks above and below. The ores differ in horizontal radius.

Ore (name) Area covered
Lapis (10x) 5 blocks out from the core; 11x11 blocks total.
Coal (32x) 16 blocks out from the core; 33x33 blocks total.
Redstone (64x) 32 blocks out from the core; 65x65 blocks total.
Diamond (128x) 64 blocks out from the core; 129x129 blocks total.

How to Get Claim Blocks


The easiest way of getting claim blocks is just by playing. After your first 30 minutes of playtime you are given one coal claim block, and after nine hours you are given two more. You can check your playtime by using the command /playtime.

Buying Claim Blocks

The spawn claim shop

If you want more claim blocks after you have received your three free claim blocks, you must buy them. The shop for claim blocks is located at spawn at -168, 108, 116. To buy lapis, coal, and redstone claim blocks, diamonds and playtime certificates are required. You are given a playtime certificate every eight hours of playtime. These are the current prices for these blocks as of July 2020:

Note: when you buy a lapis claim from the shop, it will give a “4x4” claim. This covers the same area as a 10x claim, and if you place it then break it it will turn into a 10x claim. The same is true for the coal and redstone claims, that say "16x16" and "32x32" in the shop but will convert to the correct size when placed.

Ore (name) Diamonds required Playtime certificates required
Lapis (10x) 8 diamonds 1
Coal (32x) 16 diamonds 2
Redstone (64x) 12 diamond blocks 5

Diamond Claim Blocks

The Big Claim book

Diamond claim blocks are a little different to the other claim blocks in the game. To buy one, you need The Big Claim Book and a Nepero. The Nepero can be bought at spawn or at the bank, and costs 36 diamond blocks and 12 playtime certificates. The Big Claim Book can only be obtained through events, most often by winning them. The total needed to buy a diamond claim block is 36 diamond blocks, 12 playtime certificates, and The Big Claim.

Trading with Other Players

It is against the rules to sell, trade, or give away your claim blocks. You are also prohibited from selling or giving away your playtime certificates and The Big Claim book.

Placing Claim Blocks

A claim on the dynmap

When you place a claim block, your claim will show up on the dynmap. Whilst you can overlap your own claims, you can’t overlap other players’. Check the rules before you place your first claim to make sure you aren’t breaking any.

You can place smaller claims inside larger ones to make plots. These could be used as rooms in a hotel, or as member houses inside a union’s larger claim.

Why can’t I place my claim block?

You may have reached the limit of claim blocks allowed for your rank. Check the ranks page to learn more.

Adding Players to my Claim

For every command listed here that uses /ps, /claim can be used as well.

Adding Players

There are two different commands to add players to your claim: /ps add [username] and /ps addowner [username]. Using /ps add makes the player a member of your claim. This means that the claim no longer protects your land from them, but it doesn’t allow them to alter the claim or claim block in any way. /ps addowner makes the player an owner of your claim. This gives them complete control over the claim, in the same way you have.

To remove someone from your claim simply use /ps remove [username] or /ps removeowner [username], depending on their role.

Advanced Claim Commands

For a more in-depth guide about claims and related commands, read Claim Commands Wiki Page.

Why is my Claim Gone?

If you’ve been absent from the server for more than 25 days, the admins may remove your claim. If this happens, your chests are accessible to all players and your stuff may be looted. This is not against the rules. It is against the rules, however, to grief unclaimed buildings, so if you return and find that your build has been griefed then be sure the let the staff know.

Upon your return, your claim block can be rolled back if you request it.

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