Peaceful Vanilla Club Wiki

The union logo, made by LZYONE

A casual union with the idea of creating and building a designer area in the areas not usually touched by the standard Minecraft Player!

The main focus of the British Imperial Federation is to let out the creative freedom of players with no restrictions, be it by lack of resources or just open space.

The idea also runs that people have freedom to do what they want, when they want. People can choose to work more on their own, or group collaborate to construct things that the server will remember.

Joining the union

Union is currently accepting applications. Please DM golden or anyone from the BIF union to start the application process!


At BIF players can get ranks based on their performance within the union and/or on their own talents.

There currently are 2 different ranks:

  • Officer Of The Empire - Players who have done great contributions to the union and are of great leadership. These players help with the organization of the union. Their aim is to make decisions on how the union should go, how it might change and its path into the future.
    • Golden
    • PhoenixJoe
    • FlatBandit
    • Acekillerboss
  • Parliamentarian - Players with great talent in a particular field. These players help with union or personal projects. They are the people that head up various different areas of BIF projects, whether it be planning or making sure all resources etc are ready for the project!
    • AltereMagier -- Builds
    • Bluedaisyy -- Helper/Material Gatherer
    • HunterOcelot27 -- Helper
  • Chancellor of the Exchequer - Players who are responsible for all economic and financial matters of the union, such as keeping an eye on the union financial reserves, hand out for projects and union investments.
    • FlatBandit


EE is owned and operated by members of BIF.


Certune gold farm is owned and operated by members of BIF.


Union Projects ( Ongoing and future projects of the Union)

  • Creation of Union Base
  • Nether hub renovation ( ongoing )
  • Construction of PvP Arena ( ongoing )
  • Construction of Village District ( ongoing )
  • Constuction of Public Farm ( ongoing )
  • Construction of Outer and Inner railways ( future )

Union projects ( finished projects of the Union)

  • Creation of the desert temple
  • Re-opening of Certune Goldfarm

Personal Projects

  • Phoenixjoe69
    • Monthly giveaways


There are different Areas over the BIF estate with those being:

Village District

The village district will be home to a complex network of all the different trading professions, including: farmers, butchers, masons and more!

Desert District

The desert district is and will be home to the Desert Temple and the Public Farm that are next to the village district.