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1k1k is a company on the server consisting of two shops (1k1k+ and 1k1k-) which was founded by frogface08. 1k1k+ is now defunct and has been replaced by it's successor, 1k1k-.


1k1k+ is located at +1000 +1000 in the overworld, hence the name 1K1K. It had 6 shop categories, which were Ocean, Wool, Nether, Ores, Gear, and Misc. It was for a while one of the largest and most popular shops on the server. It's main aim was to be a cheap and accessible shop that would be an alternative to EE, however it failed at being a proper alternative to EE.

1k1k had a player shop section in the second floor, which only one shop which sold obsidian was in. It also had a bank and exchange shop on the first floor.

The decision was made to shut 1k1k+ down after it fell into disrepair due to the claim expiring, restocks became rarer, and Moonland succeeded in 1k1k's goal to become an EE alternative.


After the shutdown of 1k1k+, 1k1k- was opened. It's located at -1000 -1000 in the overworld, and is reached via the andesite tunnel coming out of green hub. Unlike 1k1k+, 1k1k- is currently fully operational and restocked regularly. It sells many of the same items as the old 1k1k+ did.

A photo of the shop area in 1k1k-

It, like it's predecessor, has a second floor which is turned into a mall area for players, which also has no shops yet. If you want a shop /mail send frogface08 for a free spot.