Peaceful Vanilla Club Wiki

1001 building ideas in different styles


1. Tree house

2. Wooden Mansion

3. Woodland Mansion, but for villagers

4. House for squids

5. Underwater glass dome base

6. Krusty Krab

7. House inside a mountain

8. House carved into the seabed

9. A house made of glass (avoid throwing stones at it)

10. House of cards

11. Mob Safehouse, where creepers can hide from players!

12. Safehouse

13. House from Mars

14. Alien steampunk house

15. Classic steampunk house, with 4 floors

16. House from The Sims

17. Danish Country house

18. Small Italian farmhouse

19. House made purely of Iron

20. Build your real life house!

21. Secret house, under your friends house!

22. Luxury villa with giant aquarium in the middle

23. House of dirt

24. Recreate your house from Terraria

25. Create a house, using only 3 blocks!

26. Medieval Super housing

27. A blend between a medieval house, and a futuristic house!

28. A house from the 80's!

29. House made only of retro colors!

30. Hunters cabin out in the woods!

31. A Norwegian mountain home

32. Create the cheapest home possible!

33. Create the most expensive home ever!

34. House with a modern windmill attached to the side

35. Swamp house that floats on pillars above the muddy waters!

36. Create a small house, then super scale it!

37. Create a home inside a spacecraft!

38. Create a big aircraft, and then furnish it as a house!

39. Create a house, only using equally spaced pillars

40. Create a 3 floor apartment with an inbuilt water elevator!

41. Create a house that contains all the various farms!

42. Create a house with a farm in the middle of it

43. Create a house that hangs from chains!

44. Create a blacksmith where you can live and sell goods!

45. Create a pirate house, inside an abandoned pirate ship!

46. Create a modern house with an in-built music recording studio!

47. Create a house that has a drive-way that goes underground and into the house.

48. Create a house with a dome roof

49. Create a space-ball that you can live inside

50. Create a chicken house! A house that looks like a chicken!

51. Create a shed for all your stone tools

52. Create a house where your favorite cartoon character would live!

53. Recreate the apartment from Friends and live there!

54. Create a house for your favorite YouTuber!

55. Create a statue that holds up your house!

56. Create your house, on top of a giant creeper!

57. Create a jungle tribe house!

58. Create a houseboat!

59. Create an underground desert house, to protect you from sandstorms!

60. Create a house with a roof of cauldrons to gather rain!

61. Create a house attached to a flying drone!

62. Create a house with a fading texture!

63. Make a secret house that is disguised as an island!

64. Make a house with accommodations for all of your friends!

65. Create a giant square house that has livable space, on all sides

66. The home of a true wizard!

67. Find a witch hut, and act like you're on MTV cribs and have to renovate the witch's hut!

68. Create a super-tall house with each floor being for each mob in Minecraft!

69. Create a house with no windows at all!

70. Create a house that can withstand a zombie apocalypse!

71. Create a beach house with a beautiful overlook platform!

72. Improve the life of a villager by upgrading their house and living with them

73. Create a giant squid that you can live inside!

74. Create Herobrines house!

75. Create a house with phantoms flying around in a glass chamber above you!

76. Create a house using pictures of Haussmann's architecture!

77. Create a PvP safe house where no one can beat you!

78. Create a white concrete and glass pyramid in the desert, and then create an oasis home inside!

79. Create a steampunk flying airship that you can live inside!

80. Build a helicopter that you can live in, and that you have to get to by climbing a ladder!

81. Create a house, inside a volcano!

82.Create a house, by only planting tree's!

83. Create a house with a disco floor! For dancing all the nights away!

84. Create a nether roof house!

85. Create an upside down house, hanging from the nether ceiling!

86. Create a green house you can live inside!

87. Create the house of a Roman Gladiator!

88. Create a house in the brutalist architectural style!

89. Create a house with a giant flag pole from the top of it!

90. Create a cowboy house, good ol' western yeehaw!

91. Create a tiny castle themed house

92. Create a giant mansion that has a display of every block in Minecraft!

93. Create a house that looks like a camera!

94. Create a house that only consist of a roof!

95. Create a house with a cow farm on top!

96. Recreate an American suburban house that you can live in!

97. Create aa RubberDuck on water, that is a house you can live inside!

98. Create a house, using only materials from the Nether

99. Create a house, using only materials from The End

100. Create the house you want to live in, when you grow up!


1. A traveling shop that pop ups in a 100 block radius of the player instead of the travelling villager!

2. A hidden entrance into your house

3. A fully automatic door that can register the username of a player and only let those players in!

4. An automatic minecart disposal and storage system!

5. A fully working Gameboy

6. A working 16 bit computer!

7. A giant Redstone door with a beautiful pattern!

8. Create a mega-sorter that can sort all items in Minecraft!

9. Create a mega-sorter that can sort all blocks in Minecraft!

10. A TNT mining platform that can be moved around!

11. A walking house!

12. A house that can pop up out of the earth!

13. Secret booby trap!

14. Create dispensers that hide under the ground and pop up to shoot enemies nearby!

15. Create a tree farm that uses TNT to blow them up!

16. Create a concrete farm!

17. Create a giant wall of fire with lots of dispensers and fire charges!

18. Fulfill the dream of all squids, and make them fly without them dying!

19. Create a tech-pyramid with TNT defenses!

20. Create a zombie catcher that keeps villager zombies alive, but normal zombies die!

21. Create a villager catcher which can kidnap the children... wait what

22. Create a vending machine that either gives cookies, or shoots arrows at you!

23. Create an automatic on/off switch for your nether portal!

24. Create a machine that feeds the foxes in your area!

25. Create a snowball fountain!

26. Create a fireworks show for your friends!

27. Create a trampoline with slime blocks, that launches you higher and higher!

28. Create an enchantment room with adjustable levels

29. Create an automated wheat farm attached to a timer!

30. Create an automatic melon farm!

31. Create an automatic pumpkin farm!

32. Create a light system that turns on all the lights in your house, before it becomes dark!

33. Create an elevator for mobs!

34. Create a working disco floor!

35. Create a working Disco ball!

36. Create a mob cannon that can launch mobs really far!

37. Create a trash bin that disposes of your items after 3 in-game days, so you can still save them just in case!

38. Create a launch platform for your elytra flights!

39. Create a giant XP-bank!

40. Create a bank account that needs a PIN to be opened!

41. Create a fireplace that can be extinguished and turned on again!

42. Create a cake trap! Anyone who eats your cake, Shall be punished >:)

43. Create a blaze-farm

44. Create a mob-farm

45. Create an Armory where you can click a button and poof! You're geared up!

46. Create a giant mob crusher!

47. Create machines that can clear out big areas of water!

48. Create an potion defense system!

49. Create a system that can automatically drop TNT when the ender dragon is nearby!

50. Create a Redstone dungeon!

51. Create a Shulker storage system

52. Create a Kit system that gives you a random kit to fight other players with!

53. Create a wave machine using minecarts and slime Blocks!

54. Create a randomizer that either gives you awesome loot, or kills you!

55. Create a Honey Block conveyer belt!

56. Create a working escalator!

57. Create a robotic friend that gives compliments to you!

58. Create a washing machine where you insert colored items, and get a clean item out!

59. Create Glados from Portal 2, and give her her voice lines to tell the player when they do stuff!

60. Create retracting stairs that register when mobs are nearby!

61. Create a useless box!

62. Create a machine that launches TNT at the player who activated it!

63. Create an auto-scoring system!

64. Create a death counter!

65. Create an aquarium with an bubbles on/off switch that the fishes can activate!

66. Create a flagpole that can raise and lower a flag!

67. Create a working timer!

68. Create a ship that can move over water, but stops when it registers land!

69. Create a TNT powered rocket-ship that can take you to the height limit!

70. Create a working volcano with lava and TNT, campfire for ash effect!

71. Create a working pac-man game!

72. Create a working steam-engine!

73. Create a working train!

74. Create a Diamond finding machine!

75. Create a theater with working drop-floors and various colors of light!

76. Create a throne with switchable heights of sitting!

77. Create a door that breaks itself

78. Create a self-repearing wall in case someone attacks!

79. Create an annoying door that closes in your face when you try to enter, but is open otherwise!

80. Create a working dam using pistons!

81. Create a working turbine!

82. Create a working movie theater!

83. Use command blocks to animate your windmill!

84. Create a playable guitar

85. Create a playable piano!

86. Create a playable drum set!

87. Create a robot band of animatronics that move to the music!

88. Create a sentry that shoots bad guys!

89. Create a diving board that launches you!

90. Create a sauna where, if you pour water on the stove, more steam comes out!

91. Create a cobblestone mass-production machine!

92. Create working ice-skates!

93. Create a forest burner plane!

94. Create a robot that can extinguish fire!

95. Create a working smartphone!

96. Create a level / XP system where the higher your level, the higher your health!

97. Create a working R2-D2

98. Create a working puppets show

99. Create a trail-maker!

100. Create a giant robot zombie that you can control!

City building ideas

1. Public bank

2. Skyscrapers of glass

3. A small western town

4. Recreate your local area

5. A public school with outside playgrounds

6. Public park inside a giant glass dome

7. Suburbs of Copenhagen

8. Copenhagen Central Station

9. Grand Train station

10. Recreate your favorite restaurant

11. Create your own franchise of food-chains!

12. Create a city that was devastated by an alien attack!

13. Create a city that is about to meet its end!

14. Create a thriving metropolis

15. Create a city that is made up of videogames devices

16. Recreate the city of your favorite videogame!

17. Avatar: The Last Airbender is a great source for city inspiration

18. Ancient city

19. Roman city, with a giant roman port to accompany it!

20. Create a floating city!

21. Create a steampunk city!

22. Create an underwater city!

23. Atlantis: The Lost Empire would be cool to recreate!

24. Create society as it would look, if you ruled it!

25. Create a city inside a spacecraft

26. Create a dwarven city inside a huge cave!

27. Create an open prison

28. Create a heavy security prison

29. Create a world-bank!

30. Wembley Stadium

31. Create a giant theater

32. Create an outdoor performing area for big bands!

33. Create a small venue for smaller bands

34. Suburban Parkour Rail

35. Park where people to train

36. European Mega hospital

37. Japanese Mega Airport!

38. French local hospital

39. Dam to power and protect the city!

40. Create a windmill with 2 turbines on it!

41. Giant Harbour to import and export goods.

42. Create a landmark to make the city remarkable!

43. Recreate the last city you went to vacation in

44. Giant clock tower!

45. City Church

46. City Mosque

47. Hotel for Creepers. No players allowed!

48. Drawbridge between two cities!

49. Small apartment district

50. College living area for students

51. Create a university with lectures being held by villagers teaching villagers how to scam a player!

52. Student housing that is actually affordable

53. Create playgrounds near a skyscraper

54. Create a high-rise area

55. Create an Aztec city, as it would look today!

56. Diesel Punk city with airships!

57. Recreate a city you built in SimCity 4

58. Create a super-sized villager, and then build an entire village inside it!

59. Arabic City

60. Upside-down Town!

61. Candy City!

62. A city inhabited by chickens!

63. Pizzaria for all the fast-food needs

64. Create an End-city where the Ender Dragon is being held captive!

65. Create a Biome-specific city that uses the traits from it's biome!

66. Create an underground paradise, but where the top is a radioactive wasteland!

67. Recreate a city from your favorite cartoon!

68. Create a city that is infested with snow-monsters that eat bananas!

69. Create an entire city, using only 4 block variations!

70. Create a farming town.

71. Create a Dyson Sphere!

72. Create a city on an asteroid!

73. Create an emerging gateway!

74. Create a global center!

75. Create an Egyptian super-desert-city!

76. Create a post-office operated by llamas!

77. Create a super-sized gas station for all types of vehicles!

78. Create a car-dealership with some quality deals for villagers!

79. Create a bookstore where you can sell your own books!

80. Create aa city inside a giant pyramid!

81. Cube city - Where every building is a cube! :D

82. Create a city in a grid formation that utilizes 5x5 grids to either be road, building, or park!

83. Create a city that got attacked by the Fruit aliens!

84. A giant spire to signal where the middle of the city is!

85. Container apartments! Apartments made from containers!

86. Create a trash sorting hub for all the city's rubbish

87. Parlament for the democracy of your city!

88. A house where the president can live!

89. Car mechanic shop

90. Plane mechanic hangar for your awesome planes!

91. Military base outside the city, but close enough to protect it!

92. Create a radio tower to transmit all the amazing music

93. Radio building to host your favorite shows!

94. TV Broadcasting station

95. Film studio to film your next big blockbuster!

96. A pet store where you can find parrots, cats, and dogs!

97. A gunstore that you need a background check and certificate to buy from

98. Racing track outside the city for the loudest and meanest machines!

99. Create a museum

100. Create an art museum with map-art you made yourself!


1. Elytra bow course! Test your aim while flying!

2. Lava surfing! Surf a wave of lava using a strider!

3. Boat race!

4. Billy the robot mechanic! An adventure where you repair evil robots so they become good!

5. TNT find - Find the TNT in the sand before it explodes!

6. Treasure hunt! - Give your friends a map, and let them battle each other for the ultimate treasure!

7. Underwater Trident race!

8. Rat puzzle - A 1x1 maze where you have to gather puzzle pieces!

9. Copy cat! - A game where one player is building, and 3 others have to copy what they are building

10. Build & guess - Like draw and guess, but you build instead

11. Mob arena

12. Bed wars map!

13. Undertale - Minecraft edition!

14. A stealth Minecraft adventure map where you have to avoid pillagers detection!

15. Herobrine's legacy - A horror adventure where you explore the Herobrine myth!

16. The battle for Castle Pravo - A medieval battle to conquer the Pravo castle!

17. The Mail Man - A horror adventuremap where you have to find the mailman... but he's an alien!

18. Play basketball, In Minecraft!

19. Bunny Run - Permanent Jump II, and you have to get the carrot first!

20. Trouble in Minecraft Town - Think Amoung Us, but in Minecraft

21. Colorblind! - You have to describe a color, without saying it's name, and the other person has to guess it!

22. Composer Battle! - You hear a string of noteblocks play, then have to match that melody!

23. What's the reference? - Build a reference to a movie or videogame, then have your friends guess it!

24. Risking Diamonds - The more Diamonds you put in, the higher the price! But also lowers the chances :0

25. Carrot Hunter - Be the first to find the golden carrot in the carrot field! PVP is allowed :)

26. Jasper and the holy swords! - Jasper has to fight the 3 evil kings, to get their holy swords!

27. Hunted - Alone on an island, a tribe of villagers has turned on you, and you need to escape the island!

28. Luck is unlucky - You find a stack of diamonds, but the mafia wants them! Will you fight or escape?

29. Create a 2D platformer in Minecraft!

30. System Overload - You're an experienced astronaut, but get stuck in space. Can you survive?

31. Run Villager Run! - Control a villager and lead them to safety, before they get caught!

32. Create a King of the Hill map in a greek style!

33. Gladiator! - Think mob arena, but you have to fight specialized mobs each round!

34. Operation Dirt Block - You're a secret agent tasked with stealing the last Dirt Block on earth!

35. Play football in Minecraft!

36. Create an endless runner that gets harder and harder!

37. Melon Puncher! - Gather as much melon as possible before the time runs out!

38. Tiny Tom and the Sky Village - You discover at secret Sky Village! They're friendly at first, but turn out to be crazy!

39. Create a Hot Potato game in Minecraft!

40. Create a baseball game in Minecraft!

41. Parkour Tag! - You play tag, but on a parkour playing field!

42. Sheep Catcher! - Lead a dog around a flok of sheep, and get them into the pen first!

43. Click Master! - You have 1 minute to click as many times on a bell as possible. Whoever gets most clicks, wins!

44. Age of War! - Upgrade your zombies, and kill your opponents villagers before they get yours!

45. Create a find the button map!

46. Create an Escape the room map!

47. TNT Jumper! - Use TNT to jump to specific targets!

48. Not like the others! - Choose the item that doesn't belong... Or die!

49. Blizzard incoming! - You have 5 minutes to gather materials to build a shelter before a killer-blizzard arrives!

50. Below Zero - Your plane crashed in Antarctica, you now have to find a way home... Will you survive?

51. Feed the Bear! - Catch a fish to feed the bear before it reaches you! If you feed it, it'll go for your opponent!

52. My Days in Hell - Horror map that takes your through the various nether biomes, but make them scary!

53. This is the end! - You have 30 minutes to prepare for the apocalypse... How long will you survive?

54. Core-Destroyer! - You're high-tech mining worker going to the earths core, will you destroy it, or repair it?

55. Jack the Pirate! - Go from a new pirate, to a true master of the sea's!

56. Catch me if you can! - Destroy as much of a city as possible, before being caught by the police!

57. Hit & Run! - You're in a maze with The Warden, and have to kill it with a wood-sword. Use the maze to your advantage!

58. Piggy Launch! - Launch your pig the furthest distance! Battle your friends!

59. Memory Loss - You lost all your memories in an accident. You now have to find out who you are.

60. Scrubbing Clean! - Clean the windows of a skyscraper, faster than your friends! There is a timer on :0

61. Hostage - You're a negotiator, trying to de-escalate an hostage situation. Can you handle it?

62. Escape - You've got a hostage! Bluff your way out of the situation!

63. Bed Surfer! - Random houses spawn at random distance! Find a new house each night, or die!

64. Cake Battle! - Bake a cake as fast as you can! Hopefully, faster than your friends!

65. Twins - A villager on the other side will copy all your movements! Solve the puzzles!

66. Create a mirror's edge chase / evade map!

67. Picture Perfect! - One player draws a picture, the rest try to match it! :D

68. Chaos Nights! - Gather materials during day, fight your way through chaos night!

69. Don't move! - Create a don't move map that is synchronized with some cool music!

70. 5 Days Left - You're a young farmer during a drought. You have 5 days to save your farm!

71. Fire spotter! - You work as a fireman out in the wood trying to stop a wildfire... Can you do it?

72. Create a turn based board game with mobs and the bricks!

73. To the Top! - Everyone has Jump 3 and needs to parkour their way to the top and be first!

74. At All Cost! - Waves of enemies will try to kill 1 villager! Stop them at all costs! (you have 3 lives)

75. Chuck! - Drink the potions in the right order, faster than everyone else!

76. Chicken Invader! - Chickens have built robot mechs and invaded the earth! Can you stop them?

77. Piano Man - Jacob is a piano teacher stuck in a warzone, live through his eyes to experience hope and loss.

78. Bird Strike! - Save the plane by landing it safely!

79. Beat maker! - Hit the buttons to create a beat. Your friends should try to imitate it!

80. The long forgotten Library - You're an archeologist on the hunt for the secret Library! Will you find it?

81. Hunters & Gathers - You can play as a hunter or a gather. Hunters kill other players, while gathers get stuff for the hunters! It's about teamwork, and each class get some cool stuff.

82. Lights Off - A horror map where the light switches on and off at random, and the monster following you, can only move in the dark!

83. Explosive Snowball fight! - I think the name says it all :D

84. Sinking - You're on board a sinking ship, will you save the villagers, or yourself?

85. Moral Choice - You're a powerful knight, torn between two kingdoms. Listen to each kingdoms story, and decide which side you will stay on in the Battle of Gjörtsten!

86. Play-Station - You're teleported into your gaming console, and now need to find a way out via the Play-Station!

87. Minor Damage - You crash your spaceship and get stuck in space, but you have amnesia and can't remember anything. Will you rediscover yourself?

88. Freeze! - Every time a player looks at you, you need to stop moving! If you don't, You'll die!

89. One of a kind - You're a theif who steals a breifcase from the FBI. Turns out it's a one-of-a-kind super virus. Will you release it, destroy it, or give it back?

90. Create a dating sim adventure map :'D Please, i need minecraft girlfrend :((

91. Loophole - You're stuck repeating the same day, and need to find a way to break the loop. Find the loophole!

92. Create a Star Wars adventuremap!

93. Create an adventure-map that takes place in your favorite Movie / Series

94. Countdown - A bomb is about to explode, but you can add time to how long it takes, while you figure out how to defuse the bomb!

95. Sheeplife - Create an adventuremap where you are a sheep! :D

96. Create an adventuremap that takes place in your favorite Book!

97. Storyteller - A madman has been destroying pages of books! You need to dive into the world of the book and make sure that the stories are rewritten!

98. Cargo - You work as a cargoship captain, when one day your ship is overrun by aliens. Will you save the crew, the ship, or just yourself?

99. Ship invader! - Your an alien invading a ship, but you need to be stealthy as to not alarm all of the crew!

100. Apple Punch - Punch the competition off the applefarm, using throwable apples with knockback II!

Vehicle builds

1. Create a Fish Tank! Literally a fish inside a Tank!

2. Create an ambulance

3. Create a bus

4. Create a Caravan

5. Create a mobile home!

6. Create a coach

7. Create a Jeep

8. Create a Double-decker Bus

9. Create a Convertible

10. Create a Police car!

11. Create a Formula 1 replica!

12. Create a fire engine!

13. Create a pickup truck

14. Create a truck that can pick up trucks!

15. Create a microcar

16. Create a limousine

17. Create an SUV

18. Create a Sedan

19. Create a minibus

20. Create a Delivery van

21. Create a school bus!

22. Create a Taxi

23. Create a Tram!

24. Create a hatchback

25. Create a sports car

26. Create a car doing sports :'D

27. Create a Coupe

28. Create a wagon

29. Create a Mail truck

30. Create an Auto Rickshaw

31. Create an antique car

32. Create a Quad bike!

33. Create a backhoe loader

34. Create a bulldozer

35. Create an excavator

36. Create a truck with a crane mount

37. Create a dumbtruck!

38. Create a cement mixer

39. Create a Road Roller

40. Create a forklift

41. Create a tractor

42. Create a locomotive

43. Create a subway train

44. Create an airship

45. Create a biplane

46. Create a float plane

47. Create a glider

48. Create an attack helicopter

49. Create a plane shaped like a duck

50. Create a private jet

51. Create a fighter jet

52. Create a hand glider

53. Create a barge

54. Create a Danish Battleship!

55. Create a Catamaran

56. Create a Mærsk Cargo ship

57. Create a destroyer

58. Create a ferry

59. Create a galleon

60. Create a hovercraft

61. Create a jetski

62. Create a high-speed racing boat!

63. Create a trawler!

64. Create a submarine!

65. Create a yacht

66. Create a Schooner

67. Create a bicycle

68. Create a motorbike

69. Create a moped

70. Create a warship from Warhammer!

71. Create a drone

72. Create an eagle fighter jet!

73. Recreate your favorite fighter jet!

74. Recreate a Super Marine Spitfire!

75. Create the SpaceX Falcon Heavy!

76. Create the SpaceX SN9

77. Create a spaceship from Spore!

78. Create an agile space fighter!

79. Recreate the Nemeth Umbrella Plane!

80. Create an Aircraft carrier!

81. Create a flying boat!

82. Create an airship-saircraft carrier!

83. Create a steampunk heavy-lifter

84. Create a flyby spacecraft!

85. Create an Orbiter!

86. Create an observatory spacecraft!

87. Create a patrol spaceship!

88. Create a heavily armored space cruiser!

89. Create a colony ship!

90. Create a flying fortress!

91. Create a repairship!

92. Create a Space Freighter

93. Create an Assult carrier space craft!

94. Create a tiny agile scout spacecraft!

95. Create the Colonial Viper from Battlestar Galactica!

96. Create the Death Glider from The Goa'uld

97. Create the A, B, U, X and Y wing spacecraft from Star Wars!

98. Create a Jedi Interceptor!

99. Create a V-19 Torrent Starfighter!

100. Create a UNSC C-709 Longsword Interceptor!


1. Create a drum set

2. Create a guitar

3. Create a piano!

4. Create a bass

5. Create a toilet!

6. Create small studio table with monitors on

7. Create a laptop

8. Create a stationary PC

9. Create a desk for writing on

10. Create a little place for your cat

11. Create a doghouse in the garden

12. Create a bunkbed

13. Create a wall with modern art on them (not paintings ;p )

14. Create a fridge

15. Create a stove

16. Create a kitchen table to prepare all your meals on!

17. Create a wall out of shulkerboxes with an item sorter behind it

18. Create a PlayStation

19. Create a TV

20. Create an Xbox

21. Create a shower

22. Create a bathtub

23. Create a sofa

24. Create a throne!

25. Create a sunchair

26. Create a dumbbell!

27. Create a training bicycle!

28. Create a bicycle!

29. Create an indoor lamp design!

30. Create a pool table!

31. Create a dining table!

32. Create a reading lamp

33. Create a sunscreen

34. Create towels on the beach, so you can get that sun!

35. Create a big pot for a big plant!

36. Create shelves for all the stuff you've gathered over the Minecraft years!

37. Create a small display to show off your stuff!

38. Create a football goal for your garden!

39. Create a scarecrow!

40. Create a wheelbarrow

41. Create a basketball net!

42. Create a blanket for a picnic!

43. Create a barbecue grill!

44. Create a ceiling fan!

45. Create a ping pong table!

46. Create an arcade machine!

47. Create a pinball machine!

48. Create a cotton candy machine!

49. Create an ice-cream dispenser!

50. Create a cookie jar!

51. Create a racecar bed!

52. Create a lawnmower!

53. Create a chimney!

54. Create a grandfather clock!

55. Create a mirror!

56. Create a dresser!

57. Create a walk-in closet!

58. Create a rubber duck!

59. Create a small swimming pool!

60. Create a well

61. Create a drawing tablet!

62. Create a pot attached to the wall!

63. Create a floating pot (Pot attached the the ceiling)

64. Create a wallflower

65. Create a microwave!

66. Create a small fishtank!

67. Create a chess table

68. Create a small indoor farm

69. Create a disco ball

70. Create a robot toy

71. Create a miniature plane to hang on the wall!

72. Create a shelf that showcases your favorite books!

73. Create a custom painting using maps!

74. Create a big map of your entire town!

75. Create a nether round nether portal that mirrors your house!

76. Create a carpet using glazed terracotta!

77. Create a mini-bar

78. Create a wine storage

79. Create a small statue in your house!

80. Create colored lamps!

81. Create curtains for your windows!

82. Create your real life PC setup!

83. Create a phone laying on your desk

84. Create a violin!

85. Create a double-bass

86. Create a bed with extra pillows!

87. Create a guitar case!

88. Create a small parkour rail in your backyard!

89. Create a small vase

90. Create a sink to wash those dirty hands ;)

91. Create a footrest

92. Create a shoestand

93. Create lines in the bathroom that can lead water to the drain

94. Create an aircondition

95. Add pipes to the side of your house

96. Create a drain where all the items are burnt!

97. Carve an owl into your wall

98. Give your house a sunroof!

99. Create a roof aquarium!

100. Create a pool on the roof!


1. Medieval Fortress!

2. Medieval castle with a small village surrounding it

3. Castle carved into a mountain!

4. Castle on top of a mountain!

5. A floating castle!

6. A steampunk castle with giant wings!

7. A castle being carried by an airship!

8. Create a castle under water!

9. Create a castle with a giant throneroom that has big banners hanging from the sides!

10. Create a small castle that can function as a home

11. Recreate the Tartarus castle from Persona 3!

12. Recreate the Hellsing Manor from Hellsing!

13. Recreate Darth Vaders Castle!

14. Create a castle for the pillagers to roam!

15. Create a mob castle with skeleton archers, and zombie knights!

16. Recreate Cagliostro from Lupin the 3rd!

17. Recreate Hiryuu Castle from Akatsuki no Yona!

18. Recreate Amalienborg!

19. Create an angel castle with giant wings extending out from the base of it!

20. Create a Warhammer inspired castle!

21. Create a spikey fortress with golden rooftops!

22. Create the castle of time! The place where father time lives!

23. Create a castle that is inspired by the words: Terrible!

24. Create a wizard castle!

25. Recreate Hogwarts!

26. Create a fortress that is in a lake with a giant waterfall behind it!

27. Create an ominous castle entrance with giant blackstone walls and red banners!

28. Create a fortress around a giant spire!

29. Create a tree-castle! It's part of nature, and protected by nature!

30. Create a winter fortress!

31. Create a hidden castle!

32. Create a fortress with a beacon on top!

33. Create a crystal castle!

34. Recreate the Crystal Empire castle from My Little Pony!

35. Create a castle in the clouds!

36. Create the castle of the dead, and surround it by a graveyard! O: spooky...

37. Create a futuristic castle!

38. Create a medieval castle in space, flying around using ion engines!

39. Create a castle where we praise water!

40. Create a castle inside a giant glass sphere!

41. Create an up-sidedown castle with glass floors!

42. Dig a castle into the ground!

43. Create a fortress on top of a giant dam!

44. Create a castle on the edge of a waterfall that goes into the void!

45. Create a tiny orge fortress!

46. Create a sanctuary from the wasterland world!

47. Recreate the Disneyland Castle!

48. Create a castle with a giant dragon protecting it!

49. Create a fortress tower with a serpent clinging onto it!

50. Create a castle with a giant bridge leading to a beautiful outlook over the landscape!

51. Recreate Burg Eltz from Germany

52. Recreate Trakai Island Castle!

53. Recreate Egeskov Castle

54. Recreate Neuschwanstein Castle!

55. Create a castle of the undead souls with a ominous blue light!

56. Create a castle using only 3 block types!

57. Do the 1-block challenge and make a castle!

58. Create a japanese inspired fortress!

59. Create a castle that could've been part of the wall of China!

60. Create a castle that is being burned down by dragons!

61. Create a burned down castle!

62. Create an abandoned castle where nature has taken over!

63. Create a tiny fortress outpost to rival the pillagers outposts!

64. Create a castle using only square shapes!

65. Create a castle using only circle shapes!

66. Create a castle that is made from a triangle shape!

67. Recreate the Eilean Donan Castle!

68. Recreate the Corvin Castle!

69. Recreate the Palace of Pena!

70. Create a castle that follows a brutalist arcitechture!

71. Create a castle that is built around a giant statue of a knight!

72. Create a classic fantasy castle with a giant tower in the middle, and a princess in that tower!

73. Recreate the castle from Romeo & Juliet

74. Create a castle on the back of a Giant mushroom!

75. Create a mushroom castle with Mooshroom guards!

76. Create a castle on the back of a giant flying whale!

77. Recreate the middle part of the city from Atlantis: The Lost Empire!

78. Create a castle being held up by three giant statues!

79. Create a tiny castle where you can meditate

80. Recreate the Dover Castle!

81. Create a flower castle!

82. Create a castle of gold for you cat!

83. Recreate the Château de Chambord castle!

84. Recreate tge Predjama Castle!

85. Create a castle that uses the same architecture as the Notre Dame!

86. Create a gothic castle with living spaces for bats!

87. Create a pig castle, where pigs, piglin, hoglins, and zombie variants can live in peace!

88. Create a castle for your villagers!

89. Transform a village into a super-village with a giant cobblestone castle for everyone to be safe in during raids!

90. Create a castle being held in the hands of a dragon statue!

91. Create a castle with oval shaped roofs!

92. Create a dwarven underground castle!

93. Recreate the Royal Palace from Cambodia!

94. Recreate Edinburgh Castle!

95. Recreate Bodiam Castle!

96. Recreate Peles Castle in Romania!

97. Create a castle that is made out of books!

98. Create a castle made out of water and ice!

99. Recreate Elsa's castle from Frozen

100. Create a mega-castle with lots of trebusches and redstone defenses to both attack and defend!

Nether builds

1. Create a portal with swirling blackstone in front!

2. Create a creepy entrance for the Nether!

3. Create a very hot swimming pool :'D

4. Create lava pillars!

5. Create giant Warped tree's that shoot up from the lava!

6. Create your own Overworld fortress to fight the Nether fortress! >:D

7. Create a wither skeleton farm!

8. Create a piglin trading system!

9. Create a gold-farm!

10. Create a TNT mineshaft to search for ancient debree!

11. Create a house hanging from chains in the nether roof!

12. Create a ghast catcher!

13. Create a dragon skeleton in the soulsand valleys!

14. Create a giant statue of the wither!

15. Rebuild the nether fortress to be way scarier!

16. Steal a bastion and make it your home! :)

17. Create a Strider residential area

18. Create an ice-road!

19. Create a strider-rider service!

20. Create a fortress that can shoot firecharges back at those annoying ghasts!

21. Create a volcano in the nether!

22. Create a blaze fortress!

23. Create a piglin fortress!

24. Create a piglin apartment where they can live in peace

25. Redesign the warped forest to look like the overworld forests!

26. Go to the nether roof and create a railway to x=420 z=69

27. Create a giant devil statue!

28. Create a theme park with a strider carrousel!

29. Create the library of the dead!

30. Create the damned's fortress!

31. Create a dead forest using Basalt and warped fences!

32. Create an outpost using the Lothestone!

33. Create a completly mob-proof nether base with a respawn anchor to be sure!

34. Create a transport system that can take items between the nether and overworld!

35. Create a wither crystal!

36. Create a dungeon with Netherite as the gift for completing it!

37. Create a giant wall with lots of dispensers to keep all unwelcome guests out!

38. Create a house inside a warped tree!

39. Create a giant machine that drills and destroys the nether!

40. Convert as much of the nether into an overworld look-alike :D

41. Create a giant Nether Monster Truck!

42. Create a ghast hotel!

43. Create a giant statue of a Ghast and live inside it!

44. Create a nether brewing house!

45. Create the Evil Wizard, John, evil wizard Nether house!

46. Create a vacation get-away... In the nether... Not sure how pleasent that is :'D

47. Create a Soul chandelier

48. Create the embodyment of death in the soulsand valley!

49. Create a giant drill, suspended with chains from the nether roof!

50. Create a nether rollercoaster that take you by all the mobs!

51. Create a giant trading hall in the nether!

52. Create the Nether Mall where you can buy stuff from the nether :)

53. Create a house where there's a warped tree growing out of it!

54. Create a netherite conveyer belt!

55. Create a giant poluting factory in the nether!

56. Make giant chimneys that spew out acid smoke! >:D

57. Create a nether highway!

58. Create a meat rack with soulfire underneath to cook that meat well

59. Create a nether Maze with wither traps >:D

60. Create a suspended jail!

61. Create a rocket that has broken through the netheroof!

62. Create a throne for the chicken king of the Nether! All hail mr. Buttchicken!

63.Create a huge undead pirate ship, roaming the soulsand valleys!

64. Create a lava-ship!

65. Create a nether village, and try to transport villagers into the place so they can live there.

66. Or create a prison village for all the nitwick villagers :)

67. Lava Aquarium with striders inside! :D

68. Create a Pagoda going from the bottom of the nether, to the top of the nether!

69. Create a scary museum in the nether, for Herobrine myths and more!

70. Create a throneroom for the king of the Nether! Mr. Buttchicken!

71. Create a giant nether Phantom (Red instead of blue) and live on the back of it!

72. Create a nuclear powerplant that uses Soulsand as fuel! A Nu-soul-clear reactor! O:

73. Create an extreme Spleef arena where you bet your items that you can win over the other player!

74. Create a netheroof castle - Basically an upside down castle with lava!

75. Create a nether temple, to all hail the Wither!

76. Create an undead altar with skeletons surrounding it!

77. Create a sauna that is way too hot :'D

78. Create the Fort Knox of Minecraft, suspended over a giant pool of lava!

79. Create a netherwart farm!

80. Create an Obsidian farm!

81. Create an upside down Eiffel tower in the nether!

82. Create an audiutorium to listen to Pigstep in!

83. Create a giant Nether Theater where you use piglins as actors! :D

84. Create a Steampunk factory in the nether!

85. Create an evil version of yourself that lives in the nether!

86. Create a skyscraper that goes through the nether roof!

87. Create a piglin blacksmith in the nether!

88. Create a monorail going through the nether, as if it was a tourist attraction! :D

89. Create Dr. Who's Tardis, in the nether :D

90. Create a hell's bells tower!

91. Create an AC/DC concert, in Hell! :'D

92. Create a helltaker inspired puzzle!

93.Create a wanted piglins list!

94. Create a wild-hell-west town!

95. Create a phantom cage in the nether!

96. Create the school of hell! Teach them newbies about the do's and don't's!

97. Elytra replacement facility!

98. Create a nether ice parkour over a giant pool of lava!

99. Create Cuthulu, if it was the god of nether!

100. Create a pizza oven that uses lava to heat up the delicious cheesy snack!

End builds

1. Rebuild an endcity to praise the endermen!

2. Use the shulkers to create a levitation elevator!

3. Blow up an end-city and build a new one with the materials that are left!

4. Create a giant enderman farm!

5. Create an enderman safe platform!

6. Create your overworld house, only using blocks from the end dimension!

7. Create an elytra course between two end cities!

8. Create an End-garden!

9. Create a giant statue of an Ender-Guard!

10. Create a nest for the Ender Dragon!

11. Create an un-climable end pillar!

12. Create a rollacoaster that throws the driver over the void, but catches them in the last second!

13. Create a super bridge between all the End Island!

14. Create an Island getaway in the end! :D

15. Chorus tree farm!

16. Chorus fruit teleportation training course! :D

17. A puzzle where you have to use chorus fruits to get the different pieces!

18. Create an end-elevator that takes you up to the overworld!

19. Create biome specific islands!

20. Create a spaceship to roam the End islands!

21. Create a futuristic base!

22. Create a beacon light show that fits perfectly with the dark/purple background!

23. Create a moon in the end sky!

24. Create a pirate version of the End Ships!

25. Create a giant pacman that is eating the cheese island!

26. Create a cheese factory that uses the endstone as cheese ingredients!

27. Create a giant dragon to battle the ender dragon!

28. Create a nether portal in the end :))

29. Create a nice home and sleep in the end for an easter egg!

30. Create a player launcher that can fire you into the End portal!

31. Create an enderpearl launcher!

32. Create a flying house that'll get you to the nearest end City!

33. Rebuild an End City into a Cyberpunk city!

34. Cyberpunk themed buildings would fit in very well with the end-sky!

35. Create a giant viper that holds up and end-island!

36. Create a shrine for the Dragon egg!

37. Create a camera crew that can turn your Enderdragon battle into an epic action movie!

38. Create a B-52 Bomber that will kill the enderdragon by TNT bombing it!

39. Create a giant lamp to light up the end sky!

40. Create a sun to light up the end!

41. Create an enderman water-park!

42. Try and get your pet Ghast into the end!

43. Create a mob tourist beurau where you offer hotel stays and sightseeing for mobs!

44. Create a giant pipeline transporting water over the void!

45. Create an enderman highway!

46. Create housing for endermen, where they can live happily :)

47. Try and lure a Warden into the end portal, and then build a fighting cage for him to battle Endermen!

48. Create a giant gladiator arena in the end, where only the strongest will survive!

49. Create an endermen army!

50. Create a military outpost in the end!

51. Create a giant, enderman proof, wall around the End Portal!

52. Create a hair saloon for endermen :'D

53. Create a massive farm in the end, so it doesn't take space in the overworld!

54. Create a flying ketchup bottle that drops lava on endermen!

55. Create the Enderman test facility from the Minecraft Storymode games!

56. Create an End street market where you can buy everything from the end!

57. Create a secret Enderdragon Cult hideout!

58. Create a ruined End temple with lots of treasure and traps!

59. Create an enderman safety house, where they can hide from the dragon!

60. Create an enderman village!

61. Create an SCP facility in the end!

62. Create a secret base for the rare White Enderman! O:

63. Create a dragon circus where the Enderdragon car perform tricks and fly through hoops!

64. Create a wizard store in the End!

65. Create a pet store in the End that sells endermites as pets :D

66. Create an elytra shop with various elytra's and try on elytra courses!

67. Create a system that transports loot from the end city to a nearby base of operation!

68. Create a giant End themed tree, with tree houses for the endermen!

69. Create a giant bird cage for the Ender dragon!

70. Create a white dwarf (Star) in the middle of a giant reactor! The nuclear fallout should be kept to the end!

71. Create an exploded nuclear reactor that turned normal people, into endermen!

72. Create a drone that is controlled by endermen!

73. Create a giant dam in the end that can get rid of the endermen in an area

74. Create a giant power plant that sends it's electricity to the overworld!

75. Create a giant oilrig that mines into the void, for Void-oil!

76. Create an enderpearl dispenser where you pay 1 iron for 1 enderpearl!

77. Recreate the Death Star in the end!

78. Create a hospital for wounded endermen!

79. Create a subway station that leads you away from the Enderdragon island!

80. Create a space-ship airport where they can take off and land!

81. Create a giant tribute statue to the Shulkers!

82. Create a dark version of your overworld base!

83. Create an enderman sphinx

84. Create a Japanese garden that praises the dragon!

85. Create an icebiome with giant ice caves where the ender-snow-men live!

86. Create the mad clock man's mansion in the end!

87. Time is nothing in the end, create a giant floating grandfather clock to represent the meaningless of time!

88. Create a giant banner factory that produces enderman battle flags!

89. Recreate the original Slenderman, but in the end! O:

90. Create an End-mill! It's like a windmill, but in the end harvesting the power of the void!

91. Create an unside-down End pyramid in clean white concrete, maybe with a black concrete counterpart!

92. Create a UFO in the end!

93. Create a Super Sphere that slowly expands in the end!

94. Create a black hole in the end!

95. Create a Star Wars inspired end village!

96. Create a fireworks show in the end!

97. Create a high-risk high-reward parkour course over the void!

98. Create a King Viper that battles the Ender Dragon!

99. Create a ruined city that was devastated by multiple attacks from the Ender dragon!

100. Create abandoned End mines, carved into the belly of the end islands!

And some more random builds

1. A penguin shooting an AK-47!

2. Mail tube system where you can send written books to different houses!

3. A village filled with snowmen, that have pumpkin seed weaponry!

4. A giant hold-out for the zombie apocalypse!

5. An inverted skyscraper! Earth-scraper :'D

6. A giant flying crane that can steal ice cream trucks from the stratosphere!

7. A cute penguin wrapped in a blanket!

8. Create a school for mutant creatures!

9. Create a giant statue holding up the Titanic, thus saving it from hitting the iceberg!

10. Create a hammer smashing pumpkins!

11. Create the alphabet, but it's skyscrapers!

12. You've found water-melonium! Create a melonium-reactor!

13. Create a giant city hall with a golden globe in the middle!

14. Create a lake of liquid waste, waving through a metropolis forest

15. Recreate mount Everest

16. Create a medieval castle, but it's inside a glass sphere with rocket boosters in space!

17. Create Elon Musk!

18. Create a giant book being read by the Turtle of Knowledge!

19. Create a giant pickle and call it Rick

20. Create a giant opera house, for death metal concerts!

21. Create statues of you and your friends!

22. Create a city that only uses circles!

23. Create an alien hospital where all the wounded aliens who crashed on earth can recover!

24. Create a duck-sized plane in an airport!

25. Create a plane sized duck in a dam!

26. Recreate a picture from WW2

27. Create a medieval house that is hanging over a cliff-side!

28. Create a church that is being eaten by Cthulhu!

29. Create a lightning striking a sheep, turning it into a zhoombie!

30. Create a giant sword stabbing the world!

31. Create a fork that is stuck in a stone! Good luck pulling that out!

32. Carve a goat-head into a mountain and call it a Mæææountain

33. Create a shrine for pigs!

34. Fishing boat that catches space whales! In space!

35. What would an Email being sent look like?

36. Create a Chinese restaurant that sells burgers :'D

37. Create a McDonalds resturant ... Under water!

38. Create a useless box!

39. Create a cardboard heaven for your cats!

40. Create a giant dog park where all the wolves and dogs can play together!

41. Create a chicken farm that is controlled by Cows?!

42. Create a giant chicken riding the enderdragon towards a giant statue of Steve!

43. Create a music book with notes flying out of it!

44. Create a reverse bakery where you bake a cake, give it to them and get money for it!

45. Create a clothing store where they sell clothe for creepers!

46. Create a panic room! Then panic!

47. Recreate a map from Counter Strike, and then play Fortnite on it :))

48. Create a Roblox map in Minecraft :'D

49. Create tribal camps around your world, then leave the world and come back after a year!

50. Create a step by step house to show your friends how to build!

51. Create a drawing pad with a meme on it!

52. Create a super-structure only using copper blocks, and the various copper-variants!

53. Build elytra wings for charged creepers! Imagen just walking when all of a sudden you just get hit by a creeper with an elytra!

54. Create the first plane in the world!

55. Build a glass structure that looks like a diamond, and then fill it with dirt!

56. Create a cobalt mine, but where the conditions are actually decent

57. Create a house made out of asbestos! But avoid staying in it for long periods of time!

58. Create your favorite soda in Minecraft!

59. Create an abstract self portrait in Minecraft!

60. Do your homework... In Minecraft?!

61. Create a massive mob tower where each level represents a new mob!

62. Create a giant mob-zoo where you can see the different mobs Minecraft has to offer!

63. Create a car that is drifting on water!? Jesus car, drifting, on water!

64. Create a bacon tower!

65. Create CJ from GTA SA!

66. Listen to your favorite song... Then build that song in Minecraft!

67. Build what you think the word: speciallægepraksisplanlægningsstabilliseringsperiode means (Yes it's a word)

68. Create a giant golf course where you launch creepers and try to make the hole explode!

69. Build the funny number

70. Create the Alien Inn, where we serve all the drinks in the galaxy! (Good luck listing them)

71. Create a giant Pusheen statue!

72. Create a statue of Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars the Clone Wars!

73. Create a problem, then solve it! :D

74. Create a villager launcher that can make pillagers go away, using villagers as bait >:)

75. Recreate the tallest structure in your area!

76. Recreate your nearest above ground train station... Then put it underground as if it was a subway!

77. Build your keyboard in Minecraft!

78. Pick up the nearest food item, build it in Minecraft, and attach rocket boosters to it! :)

79. Create a whiteboard... They are quite re-markable *ba-dum tssh*

80. Build a Pagoda with a giant rocket booster at the bottom!

81. Merge a Ship and a Car together, then try and build it in Minecraft!

82. Take the slowest animal in the world, and the fastest animal - Merge them together and build it!

83. Create a volleyball, then use it as a football!

84. Create a giant beach ball and then throw it into a pool of lava!

85. Recreate your own bed and then sleep in your own bed- In Minecraft!

86. Create a giant shelf with all your best Minecraft memories on it!

87. Create a copy of your most loved base ever, and then 3D print it! :D

88. Find a painting in your house and then replicate it in Minecraft!

89. Recreate the music video from a popular song on YouTube! Then you'll get a free copyright strike :')

90. Create a giant kraken attack a super-pirate ship!

91. Create a Dinosaur zoo... But the dinosaurs have guns?! D:

92. Create a rip off of Top Gear called Bottom Gear

93. Recreate your mom or dad's car, and then put it in space like Elon Musik did!

94. Create a wild rafting river where your minecraft boat skills will be put to the test!

95. Create a Diamond shaped fortress, floating over the lost treasure of mr. ButtChicken

96. Remember Titanic? What if a giant alien with an AK-47 shot the iceberg to pieces, and then ate the Titanic?

97. Create a piano that plays itself!

98. Create a giant mech-suit that you can battle off the alien who ate Titanic!

99. Create a sumo ring where you try to stay on it, while creepers try to explode you off!

100. Create a self destruct button in your friend's house, then label it as "press for free cookies!"

101. Create a giant sign saying "We appreciate your existance" in front of your friend's house! Especially if they're having a hard time, then take a little time to be there for them :)

This page will also come in minecraft book form

Website where I found all the ideas